Thursday, July 16, 2009

My Research Results Are In

Next time I decide to study 50 places around the US, tell me I'm nuts. The final research excluded waterways, age, and train tracks, but it did come down to this:
1. Most important of all - longest history of trauma/emotional upset/death
2. Second most important, geology (ideally, limestone, shale, sandstone, granite, quartz).
3. Third most important factor, the construction of the building itself (ideally stone, block, brick, least best--frame).

Now, when reading these hauntings in their order, remember that I had to consider these three aspects in choosing their order and some had very similar contents in which case time would rule one in as higher on the list or perhaps if they were so equally matched, I had to consider if they were near cemeteries or waterways or the type of death/trauma that existed there.

Note that this list has only 50 sites, so if you see #50 and think it's the least haunted in America, it's not. It's least haunted of these 50 sites. Another thing that cannot be accounted for is undocumented torment and emotional upheaval in a building that wasn't reported, such as a family living there with an emotionally upset occupant or an abusive parent. Those sort of things simply can't be accounted for, so the overall history of the building that is known must be the deciding factor. These are also listed by haunting for their physical features and history, not for evidence accrued by teams.

As you will note, some places seem very low on the list, such as the Stanley Hotel which has a great reputation for hauntings and some pretty solid proof. That's where the second sweep of research is important. Researching the evidence for hauntings. I do believe that a place can have ideal conditions of geology and construction such as the Stanley is a perfect vessel and really no history of death or trauma there (there is some talk about a homeless person freezing to death in one of the buildings, but it's rather vague), and still manage to be receptive to hauntings. There will be more on that later in my research, as well as how geomagnetic activity may be a contributor to the activation of residual hauntings being "played out."

1. Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum (WV)
2. Essex Mountain Sanitorium (NJ)
3. West Virginia Penitentiary Moundsville(WV)
4. Ohio Reformatory (OH)
5. Waverly Hills Sanitorium (KY)
6. Ft. Mifflin (PA)
7. Eastern State Penitentiary (PA)
8. Glenn Dale Hospital TB clinic (MD)
9. Boehne Camp Hospital TB clinic (ID)
10. Central State Hospital (ID)
11. Aspen Grove field hospital (VA)
12. Cashtown Inn field hospital (PA)
13. Hickory Hill "Old Slave House" (IL)
14. Crescent Hotel (AK)
15. Gila County Jail (AZ)
16. Alcatraz (CA)
17. Madam LaLaurie House (LA)
18. Bird Cage Theater (AZ)
19. St. James Hotel (NM)
20. Kehoe House (GA)
21. St. Augustine Lighthouse (FL)
22. Myrtles Plantation (LA)
23 Bobby MacKeys Music World (KY)
24. Queen Mary (CA)
25. Shanghai Tunnels (OR)
26. John Stone Inn (MA)
27. Lizzie Borden House (MA)
28. Amityville House (NY)
29. Moore House (IA)
30. Copper Queen Hotel (AZ)
31. Lemp Mansion (MO)
32. Battery Carriage Inn (SC)
33. Seguin Island Lighthouse (ME)
34. Sorrel Weed House (GA)
35. Gargoyle House (KS)
36. Saginaw Lighthouse (MI)
37. Karsten Inn (WI)
38. Lincoln Theater (IL)
39. Stanley Hotel (CO)
40. Iron Island (NY)
41. Chateau Marmont (CA)
42. Bullock Hotel (SD)
43. Winchester House (CA)
44. Hollywood Sign (CA)
45. Bell Witch Cave (TN)
46. Belmont Mansion (TN)
47. Townsend Hotel (WY)
48. Ogden Station (UT)
49. Bachelor's Grove (IL)
50. White House (Washington, D.C.)


  1. Great work, thanks for taking on this research. I love learning about the paranormal.

  2. Sandra;
    You're welcome. I'm learning a lot more that will affect how I approach supposedly haunted sites in the future. Tales of death and murder and such are interesting and significant, but there are other elements to take note of in everything from the geology to the building's structure, and I believe even the layout of rooms and items. I can't wait to start the research into evidence of the hauntings. Many of these sites I picked at random were reputed to be haunted with no actual death associated with the site. That had me wondering and so now I'm on to see if there are other factors I haven't considered such as a place being haunted without a spirit...