Thursday, July 30, 2009

Montauk: Remote Viewing

What? No Takers? I thought I'd go ahead and share what I got on my remote viewing when I focused on the "secret" Montauk base.

This sketch above shows the basics of what I viewed and the arrows at each “living thing’s” spot shows which direction the characters were facing.

Details are sometimes the hardest thing to hone in on, but emotions are very easy when doing remote viewing. Sometimes I sense temperature or scent or light. I usually start with a sense of happiness or joy or curiosity or other appropriate emotion and then am able to see more of the field of vision.

In this instance, I feel unescorted and alone and sort of invisible because the players in the environment don’t react to me. I’m walking down a stairway that curves and the walls of this stairway are nondescript, perhaps cave-like and bumpy with some kind of stippled white dotted pattern that looks maybe like natural stone striae.

When I reach the bottom, I am facing “something” that is ranting and raving, swinging arms, angry, having a “hissy fit.” I don’t at first see what it is very well, but it doesn’t quite seem human, yet that could be because of its strong emotion. It seems to be limited in space by perhaps glass walls or some invisible barrier that keeps it from leaving its area. Of course, this interpretation could go anywhere from a test creature to an angry employee. Sometimes I get overwhelmed by the gestures and the tone that I can't pick up the real details, but I did move closer to look at it (more later).

The wall for the staircase stops me from being able to see the observer, but I know he is there. This is some kind of sentinel watching the raving “thing.” Behind the raving thing, there seems to be an alcove that is perhaps more space for it to move into and rest.

To the left of the ranting thing is a hallway. It feels as if the hallway goes down and turns and there’s a row of windows with other “things” in them, although many seem to be empty. The halls feel as if they are rather dark in color and seem almost unfinished, but it might be just my inability to focus on them. It really felt very cave-like down there, overall.

Now, over my right shoulder is another hall that goes down to double doors like used in hospitals where you have to punch the button to get them open. I get the sense researchers and people and labs are back there.

When I try to move closer to the ranting “thing,” I can only make out that it is dark, stocky, with a broad nose and flat features, meaty fists. I turn to look at the observer and I get a sense of a military-like man who is rather bored by and used to the ranting. He stands “at ease” and seems unaware of my presence in this scene.

I would have liked to venture further into the scene. I have a sense of what’s there, but not a great deal of detail. It seems that this facility has half for storing these “things” and half for actual labs, hence it appears the double doors are necessary for gurney transport from the holding cells to the labs.

I'd love to hear if anyone else has results from their remote viewing. They might be able to place themselves further into the facility.


  1. wow,that's amazing. did you have to learn this or do you have a natural abitlity to do it? i read your previous post, but i don't think i am able to do anything like that. i can't get my mind to rest to even try meditating.
    on another note, did you see this article?
    quite interesting

  2. Great Posts...Really interesting to say the least...I've gotta keep updated on your blog...your bringing up a lot of thought provoking info...


  3. I have to say that your blog is quite the learning experience for me. I always look forward to seeing what new thing I'm going to learn here. Thanks.....

  4. Sandra;
    That article was awesome! I love that stuff. It really makes me wonder every time I ghost hunt, what we could see if we could do more than just infrared and such. There's so much in the sound/light spectrum we can't see as limited humans. Makes me wonder what "invisible" things are out there. (key the scary music here). As far as remote viewing, I've been practicing it for a time on the psychic testing site. Admittedly when I do it online at I tend to not go into theta for that one. I just go on my first gut instincts, but upon occasion when something big is happening in the world, I go into theta and then focus on a person or a place and view it. The only one I've been able to confirm before was the place they found Saddam. That one I honed on to very specifically. It's fun when I can actually validate it, of course, can't do that at Montauk.

    Adele, Julie;
    Glad you're enjoying it. Today's post should make you smile. :-)

  5. I hear ya, I too wonder what's out there that we can't see.
    i wish i had your abilities.

  6. I agree with Marbella, Julie and others-I always learn so much from your blog! and I try to keep up but fall behind a lot-this is one ability I believe in but unfortunately don't have myself-the best "psychic" type senses I seem to have is if I go with the first guess when someone has asked me a question about information i am looking at-the most recent example was there is a friend of a friend of mine who blogs-this lady doesnt blog herself but enjoys them-she sent me an email picture of like 8 to 10 women in a room smiling for the camera and looked like they were having a great time. I had never seen what this lady looked like before-she lives in Austrailia-but I managed to guess the correct woman out of the pic first time-and all of the women except one-were the same age-but here is the kicker-I was going to change my guess! then I thought heck-this is for fun just leave it-when will i ever learn-same way with trivia questions ( i do that daily trivia thing that comes in email-i should always go with first-every time i change it is almost always wrong!) and for tests too. i will read thru this article again and see if any more thoughts come to me -great article as always and great blog! I hope you are having a wonderful weekend!!

  7. Devin;
    You are totally right about first instincts. I do online psychic testing every day and one thing I focus on is when I get something wrong because I second guessed myself, I remember how I felt inside when I had picked the right choice and ignored it. So, I do the testing as fast as humanly possible. For every second I stare at the pictures, I change my mind. You can build your skills that way quite easily. I go on I think you're more psychic than you know, but sometimes our intellect gets in the way. It's more visceral than in cranial.