Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Materials Retaining Information

I have a very weird talent for seeing correlations. It's a gift and it's a curse. In my reader's case, probably a curse because I'm going to make you think some more. I never let your minds rest.

I’ve talked before about my abilities in psychometry. That talent started at a very young age when I dug up relics around the grounds of our estate. But, later in life when I picked the talent up again after shunning it, I found a definite difference in how easy it was to read metals and jewelry, but how hard it was to read things like fabric and paper.

Now that I’m doing my study on physical properties of haunted sites, I’m looking at this again. Could it be that the ability to record information in an object is dependent upon the properties of that object?

Thusly, is a haunting dependent upon the materials it must imprint itself upon?

Could it be that a recorded haunting is easier to imprint in the right environment of perhaps a stone building atop of a limestone bed? Could other places be haunted, just harder to spit out their information because of poor “recording” conditions? For example, a frame house atop of a volcanic land might not seem haunted, but could it be just harder to come across the information embedded there? I can and have read paper before but it is a very hard thing to do. With only my self-taught skills I can extract it, but it’s one hellacious deed.

Taking this a bit further, could a team such as TAPS go into a location and have a totally lame night when the fact is the conditions weren’t strong enough to get the haunting to show itself in a way they could perceive or their equipment detect?

This is yet another baffling piece of the puzzle, but I can say this with great assurance. My abilities to read objects is greatly influenced by what the object is made of and when I go into a haunted site and touch the walls and floors to read, there are some surfaces I avoid because they are hard reads.

Is is possible that the average Joe in a house with the perfect conditions and history be able to see and hear the haunting because of the ideal materials just like I can read a ring better than a Dixie cup?

Just another thought to ponder.


  1. I think you are hitting on very important -and most of all Useful information with this series Autumnforest! Psychometry has always fascinated me-some of the shows that most captivated me on TV were when a psychic was brought in on a crime case and could "read" emotions, events, locations-all sorts of different things. There always seemed to be somewhat of a variety of materials used-but now that I think about it from your article it seems that photographs and jewelry-with maybe jewelry being the most common-especially if it wasnt made out of cheap stones or metals. Colin Wilson and others have written books about this kind of thing-the next time I am at the library I will see if they have any to check out on the subject. Great article as always!!

  2. First of all, I think that ring is ABSOLUTELYFREAKINGGORGEOUS! :-p

    Secondly... I definately think that Hauntings in some cases have to do with objects. I believe that in life when one becomes so accustomed to an object that their energy becomes stored in that object, thus binding them to it even after death.

    Thirdly, I really wish that I could like... somehow learn from you and such... I'd love to unleash some of the powers that I'm almost certain that I have. If I could even just recognize what I have... I don't know.
    (Sorry for the last bit, I'm a bit rambling... I'm super exhausted, but really wanted to reply)

    Blessed be!

  3. Devin;
    I'm glad you're seeing the correlations I'm seeing. I wish we had some way to explain exactly how information is passed from an object or place to a person's brain, but I know some day that'll be worked out by people who are trained in science, unlike myself.

    I did a post on January 22nd about developing psychic talents. You might want to start there. Everyone has a talent that's a bit stronger. I have a friend who hears things, another who is clairvoyant of the future, and one who uses her hands to heal. I think everyone has the abilities, they just develop certain ones for reasons that might be practical or because they have talents in certain areas. My gifted scoring in spatial actually helps me in doing readings because I see time and space as something that is an extensive of the area outside my body and I can reach into certain areas and pick up information. For example, I see days of the week and months of the year in a strangely zig-zagging upward and downward sort of train track like thing coming off of my body and going out into the area in front of me. It sounds sooooo weird when I say that. I had no idea others didn't experience time and space the same way. I also see other's information as surrounding them in an aura-like fashion. It sounds so weird, but I'm synesthetic which means I experience senses a bit differently than most folks, at least the concepts of time and events. That actually helps me in this type of work. Read the post from January 22nd and then if you'd like, you can email me.