Friday, July 3, 2009

Kehoe House - Savannah, GA - Scores 6/6!

Hey, ya'all! We're down to the last few places of my 50 haunted places research to refine the haunted formula. This one was particularly gratifying. Here's how this old place scores:

1. Built in 1892.
2. Near river.
3. Near train tracks.
4. Brick with loads of cast iron detailing. This is intriguing. The original owner had a cast iron works and hence lots of cast iron. When you combine that with brick which is made of clay (earth), then you get an interesting combination of earth and iron... Hmm... I'm intrigued by the ability of this building to perhaps record or hold in events/energy.
5. Sandstone and limestone geology.
6. The original owner had 10 children, many died young. It was also used for a long time as a funeral home.

Instinctively, if you tell someone the house is in Savannah, you think it could be haunted (just by knowing the city alone), then you tell them these other factors and it seems like it absolutely has to be haunted. I think as humans we instinctively know these things about the elements, that's perhaps why we built stone monuments instead of wooden ones (which would have been a helluva lot easier!)

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