Sunday, July 12, 2009

How's It Haunting You? (Psychic Reads)

In the last entry, I gave you examples of what paranormal sensations can feel like. This one is an example of actual psychic readings I’ve done.

You hold a watch in your hand. A stranger dropped it on a table with tons of other jewelry. The singles club wants to be entertained by one of their member’s guests. You know none of these people, don’t know what jewelry matches with what person. You tell them specifically not to speak. Just to listen. Immediately, you are given a perspective of a house inside from a viewpoint that is unnatural, the corner ceiling of the great room. The house is familiar, although you’ve definitely never been there. A feeling of knowing comes to you and you’re suddenly in the hall upstairs, describing to the watch’s owner the pictures hanging on the wall and the elderly bedridden grandmother in the bedroom at the top of the stairs. “You share an instrument together. Music binds you. You need to continue playing. She was very proud that you played.” This knowledge comes to you as if it’s your own family knowledge. You can jump around at will in space and time and understand relationships and emotions. The feeling is one of having no boundaries of the physical body. You don't feel linked to the owner of the watch, but you feel linked to a time period and a place as if you can time drift in your mind. A man who moved forward blinks, mouth held open. You have given the exact details of his home, his neighborhood, where his friends live in relation to his childhood home, and his grandmother who played the clarinet and taught him how. He still had her clarinet after she passed on but hadn’t let himself play it. He’s changed his mind now. He wants his watch back. Your hand trembles as you give him the watch knowing that from now for all time his memories will be your memories. Any time in the future, you can leap back into his childhood home and look around. You can’t get rid of the information. You can’t get rid of the feelings and connections he had with his grandmother and his friends. It’s part of your memories now.

Still, a pile of jewelry awaits.

The necklace is light and delicate. You try not to let the choice of design affect you. Luckily, it doesn’t. You’re inside an office in your mind. A woman is there. “You work with a woman named Margaret.” Two women come over and listen as you speak. “She intercepts phone calls from your boyfriend. She’s working against you.” Should you give this information? Could it change how a person lives their life? Still, you can’t un-know it and if you’re picking it up, the owner of the necklace must know it. One woman chokes. She stumbles forward. “I work with a woman named Maggie. She’s dating my old boyfriend. I suspected she wasn’t giving me his messages when he called.” The woman takes back her necklace, studying it carefully as if she just realized that people leave an essence that the right psychic bloodhound can follow. You wish you could pick up the good things, the happy things, but at that moment for whatever reason, a bad event can come forth.

Your friend had a cocktail too many and tells the waiter you’re a psychic. The young man laughs and says he doesn’t believe, but unscrews a ring from his finger and hands it to you in challenge. A woman comes to mind immediately. Similar coloring. The relationship, you can sense, is platonic strictly. “A woman gave this to you. She’s close to you but will never be a love interest. I feel like you physically live together and are emotionally close, but having a hard time right now. You need to get some physical distance.” The waiter’s forehead breaks into a sweat. “I live with my sister. She gave me the ring for my 21st birthday. We’re driving each other nuts living together. She keeps bringing home douche bags and I can’t have women over without her lecturing me. We’ve been talking about her moving back home again.”

The Christmas party was light and fun. You read someone at the table’s palm and hit his family health history spot on and his new diagnosis of diabetes. The lady next to you hands you the necklace she’s wearing. You tuck it into your palm without looking at it. It’s best not to let the intellect get in the way of psychic readings. You can tell a lot about a person by the style they choose, the quality of the piece, and other things that make you have assumptions, such as a pearl necklace is an old-fashioned girl or a silver chunky chain is someone liberal. You immediately feel joy and happiness. You smile broadly. The woman giggles with delight. “This necklace has a great feeling. I’ll tell you what it reminds me of, but you’ll think I’m insane.” You hate when a reading takes you in a non-logical way, it’s so ludicrous it can’t be, but you also know if you let intellect negate it by saying it’s not statistically possible, then you’ll screw up a read. “It reminds me of when I go with my girlfriends once a year to Sedona and we have a goofy girl’s weekend with lots of partying and silliness, and tons of laughter. And the necklace feels like something from one of those claw machines. It’s whimsical and spontaneous.” The woman claps excitedly and her skeptical boyfriend's face turns white. “I went to Vegas with my girlfriends and I got this in a jewelry claw machine.” She laughs and puts on the necklace. You get a look at it and realize it looks like a legitimate piece of jewelry. You never would have guessed it came from a machine. You learn more about interpreting images and feelings when you do a read, the most important being not to disregard things that don’t seem possible.

To be continued...


  1. If I could have one psychic ability and one only-this one would be plenty for me!Very interesting article as always!! believe it or not I picked public speaking-I am very shy and the thought of speaking in front of tens much less hundreds of people makes me feel faint! thanks for the continuing articles and I hope you are having a beautiful weekend!!

  2. Hi Devin;
    Avoiding the heat, I hope! Jeez, it's miserable--went to see Star Trek at the theater (BTW, it was great!) and I came out of the theater and felt like I was walking through a furnace--hurts to breathe, skin feels like it's melting, and the soles of my shoes started to soften--I think I ruined them. Godalmighty! Even the swimming pool is a sickly 96 degrees now--not even refreshing at night and I usually like to swim before I go to sleep so I'm cooled off-what a joke! I suppose I'd have to say that it's (psychometry) is not a bad talent to have, but it scares the bejezus out of me more than it does people I do readings for. I'm a really logic-minded person and I can't explain how the law of averages would rate the crazy and detailed stuff I can come up with. I don't understand how I can know these things, except I feel very much it's tied to my spatial abilities and my synethesia when it comes to time and space--I see both as something sort of jutting from my body and can retrieve information from outside myself and store it outside myself but always in relation to my body's positioning. Jeez, that sounds weird. I study it to try to figure out how it works objectively. Still, I hate having other people's images and knowledge in my head. That's why I don't do it anymore except rare occasions. I think everyone should be able to do this, it's not like I had special training, and I really don't believe in that god-given rot. I think it's a function of the brain I developed maybe at an early age. I think we can all do it, we just have to find our methods. Some folks are more physical, like hands on healers, some are more empathic and understand emotions. I was just lucky enough to dig up artifacts and read them and I think where they were placed in the ground stuck with me as much as their history did--which tells me that it spoke to my spatial abilities to isolate information in placesa nd retrieve it like a treasure hunter. Hmm... Public speaking, huh? That's a very popular fear, probably the #1 fear. I have to admit, in a group setting, I'm the first person to want to get up and speak about anything, off the cuff. I love public speaking more than one-on-one actually. I think it's because people in a group to me become unreadable whereas one-on-one I can read the person. I detest the idea of my car breaking down on the road. I've had some very weird people try to stop and help me and it's a creepy feeling.

  3. good idea about the witch scarecrow though it would be afraid of my chow chow. teddy goes after anything blowing in the breeze. my daughter comes here for breakfast every morning and she walks in holding her skirt up so teddy won't attack!

  4. Ah, I remember my chow/golden retriever mix. She went after the blackbirds in our yard constantly. I suppose if you ever come across a witch weathervane, you could put it on a stick and plant it in the ground at the garden. That'd be pretty "wicked" (pun intended).