Sunday, July 26, 2009

Hollow Earth Theory

How many times have you started a “google” search only to be led on other pathways until you have no idea how you started out? Today was one of those days. I went looking for something about vortexes and ended up finding out about a culture of people who believe in a massive underground network of tunnels that link countries around the globe and perhaps are associated with UFOs and reptilian folks.

You know where I’m going with this (like a dog with a bone).

I’m fascinated with any kind of conjecture, so I began to search for more about this fascinating concept. Chapter four of the book “In Search of Shambhala” by Mary Sutherland tells of places around the world where cave entrances lead to a network of caves that once were all interconnected; however, some supposedly were ruined by subterranean activity over time. The locations are interesting and the Mt. Shasta site is linked to reptilian people and Bigfoot. Honestly, after reading about this stuff, all I can do is imagine the fascinating worlds a special effects person could enjoy in creating this plot for a movie.

Some report that the descendents of Atlantis inhabit it, others claim they are bases for extraterrestrials.

It goes even further into conspiracy when reports surfaced of a man claiming to know that there are huge caverns under California and much of the land floats atop of ocean-filled hollows in which a nuclear submarine even disappeared. This is referred to as the “Underground Empire

There’s been a lot of talk about underground bases and UFO relationships with these places from Nazi Germany’s history to the New Mexico desert. “UFO Hunters” show has covered this aspect several times and each time just as exciting and tantalizing as the last. I hope they continue to cover the subject.

If you’re interested in this Hollow Earth Theory, here’s a great page with loads of links on interesting aspects of the theory. As always, I'm curious what your take is on this subject.


  1. I've read some of the Hollow Earth theories. If you pursue this subject, please watch out for the Deros! I'd hate for you to wind up as a slave!

  2. I don't agree with it personally but I have friends who believe in the "hollow earth" theory but instead of it being the home of bigfoot and ET they think it is where Hell is. You can check out this video.
    It seems to be a legitimate story, I first heard about it on the Art Bell radio show.

  3. Gummer, Yeah, I won't be enslaved. If someone messes with me, I can turn into a real tornado of hair and nails, a regular tasmanian female. Besides, I hate confined spaces, as much as I love the dark and the damp. Decorating caves is such a bother.

    Stephen, thanks for the video. I'd be more inclined to think if such a thing existed, there'd be some pretty cool creatures in there, like there are down in the depths of the ocean.

  4. The Hollow Earth theory is one of my favorite things to read about. There are so many different versions of it, so of which are completely possible, with others being so far gone they're just entertaining.

  5. Naveed;
    I'm one of those people who's happiest when it's a Sunday afternoon and History Channel or TLC is doing back-to-back documentaries on weird stuff. I just saw one the other day about the HAARP program in Alaska and how the military tries to control weather. It didn't make me feel any more warm and fuzzy when I went onto the HAARP site and it was extremely elusive.... Hmm... Well, I just love this kind of thing. Every time I learn a new one like Hollow Earth, the more excited I get. My favorite SciFi movie of all time was "Journey to the Center of the Earth" (the old version with Pat Boone and James Mason).

  6. yeah, i'm fascinated by anything that isn't normal life, you know? i remember hearing the "recording" of the totured souls in hell on coast to coast too!