Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Ghost Hunting Equipment Ideas - New Stuff!

I often like to cover new finds in the ghost hunting field, but today I came across a few that I absolutely have to add to my collection. Because ghost hunting is often in locations I don’t know and I can wander the grounds and surrounding woods and such, I’d like to know I’m going to get back safely. For this purpose, I found the Bushnell Backtrack. This simple handheld device makes it possible to arrive, mark a spot with GPS, and then travel around all you wish and find your way back to your car, the abandoned building, or group meeting spot with no trouble at all. It also has a compass as well. It even has a loop so it can be hung on a chain around your neck, leaving you hands free.

Another cool other is a Highgear Terrapod hand-held weather station. This can give you the wind chill factor, temperature, and barometer. Many people report the sensation of their head crushing and ears popping (signs of a dropping barometric pressure) and temperature drops too are associated with ghostly activity. This one is easy to hold, small, and once again—could be hung on the cord with the GPS device above.

Yeah, I may be a nerd, but my hands are free when I’m hunting.

The Brinno BirdWatchCam can be mounted to take motion-activated pic’s. I thought of getting this one for Bigfoot hunts, but honestly I thought about it and a ghost hunt might be an ideal place for this one. Some people do set up motion-activated lights, but this would click a picture instead.

The MacDaddy piece of equipment I would get if I won the lottery tomorrow, is night vision goggles. Not having to use a flashlight and being able to walk around as if it’s daylight is an amazing thing, as well as making it possible to view things your eyes can’t view well in the dark. Admittedly, as we age our night vision gets worse and worse and we can see things that aren’t there because of variations in our field of vision with decreased light.

There’s lots of fun options for geek-dom in the ghost world, I thought I’d keep you up on the possibilities. I personally use a fanny pack made for photographers to put all my instruments in. I have it so well memorized, that I can pull things out of the pouches without looking, knowing where my EMF meter is, the thermometer, et cetera. Some people use fishing vests too. Honestly, any good sporting good stores will give you endless ideas for how to be more hands free and able to crawl and get dirty while knowing where your equipment is.


  1. Ooooh! Great finds. Very useful all of them. Hey, did you do your Bigfoot hunt yet? (Wasn't that scheduled for this summer?) If you wrote about it already please forgive me for missing it. (But could you also point me in the direction of the link to any such posts so I can get back on track? Thanks!)

  2. These are great suggestions! I would also think the night vision goggles would be the "supremo" piece of equipment for work such as this-I have no clue what a good pair would run but I imagine its a pretty penny like the old saying goes!! Please dont let me miss any vids or anything you or your son or hubby do -I was gonna put a little post about not being able to get to as many blogs as I used to -and that I wasnt "snubbing" anyone or anything-I am trying to follow my blogfriends as best I can and don't always leave a comment anymore on everything I see- Your Halloween ideas sound fascinating -just to concentrate on that time of year is good-as opposed to this summer! I still miss the Colorado 'autumns' no pun intended:) but believe me -this year when the calendar rolls around to October I hope to be ecstatic about cooler weather and shorter days -and of course halloween and the coming holidays-always my fave time of year-for some -and this happens with me also-the season from 'ween on thru Jan 1 can be kind of melancholy-but I try to think of the good times and the good that was in people who we have either lost to death or just moving etcetera-sorry for such a long comment and going off topic! I picked personal experiece-altho not a hundred percent sure now about that-I think the polls are a great idea-best to you as always!!

  3. Hey Courtney;
    I'm hoping to plan my Bigfoot hunt in the fall. Of course, it'll be kind of a loose one. I'm going to gather some ghost hunting girlfriends, rent a haunted cabin in Greer, and hunt for bigfoot on the side while we ghost hunt in the cabin and hopefully all of us get some of our writing/art done (we're all artsy types). Of course, knowing me, it has to be autumn time to go in the forest. Hee hee. I'll definitely post any findings here. When I do people's private homes and some businesses that don't want info shared, I keep that private so I don't get to write about it, but I'll make up for it on my own hunts.

    I totally get you. Yeah, Colorado autumn with all those aspens turning yellow-wow! I picked personal experience too because that's what moves me when I hunt--it's those moments of "what the hell was that?" that convince me more and more something is happening. Convincing others with technology doesn't always work since so much can be manufactured. I'm only out to impress myself. Oh, and I get how folks feel in the holiday times. My family had huge formal Thanksgivings where we invited everyone we knew who was single or didn't have family around and I still do that every year. We had beautiful Norwegian Christmases and lots of traditions. Even with my kid being 21 now, I still get all excited around the holiday times. It's the shorter days and cooler temps. I get all happy. I know some folks miss the old days and childhood xmases, but I still get that wonder every time I drive around and look at Xmas lights (though I must admit AZ Xmases bite). I still have the right attitude. Then when Jan 1 comes, I'm ready to clean everything up, organize, and am excited about a new year. I guess my melancholy time of the year is June/July (but can you blame me--jeez, it was what 115 today???) Yikes! You take care of yourself. You don't need to comment all the time. I can always feel when you're there. :-)

  4. Cool new devices. Ya, a night vision camera would be a fun thing to have when you are ghost and bigfoot hunting. I think that bigfoot hunting sounds like fun. I wish you girls lots of luck finding the elusive beast.

  5. Oh good! So glad I didn't miss it. Now I remember you did say you were hoping to do it in the fall. I got off track with stuff this month, read your mention about the bigfoot hunting in this post, and got worried maybe I'd missed your post about it. Glad I didn't! Something to look forward to!!!!

  6. geez, you are going to have fun on a bigfoot huint!and i think you should get some night vision goggles for a happy halloween present!

  7. Libby;
    Yeah, I'm finding they're actually hard to acquire--something about the military not wanting folks to have them. The binoculars aren't hard to find, but the goggles are. Go figure. On a ghost hunt, that'd be priceless instead of using the camcorder's night vision to see things.