Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Ghost Adventures - July 3 - Tombstone

Okay, I know, I call "Ghost Adventures" my guilty pleasure and it is. I both laugh and cringe. I'm excited to see that they're picking out a spot that should react well to taunting. Friday July 3rd on the Travel Channel they're going to do an episode at the Bird Cage Theater in Tombstone--kind of in our neck o' the woods up here in Phoenix. I think the cowboys might have a fun time with them. I know us viewers will.


  1. I'll be watching too, even though I don't like that bossy Zak.
    Did you watch the last episode? What did you think of the evidence they caught?
    I'm watching Ghost Hunters reruns right now, can't get enough, hee hee.

  2. Oh boy--we could so hang out together! I love when they have the GH marathons. I noticed SciFi got smart yesterday (on my day off) and played back-to-back documentaries about the crystal skulls, Bermuda Triangle, etc. Wow! I was in my heaven--I love speculation/conjecture documentaries. Yeah, Zak is a real a-hole, but he's not entirely stupid. He knew this would be total titillation and so he's playing his role well. I know folks who have drinking parties while watching the show and take a swig whenever they say "dude" and "bro" or when they squeal like girls. I'm thinking on Friday nights, they get pretty drunk watching one hour of that. Hee hee

  3. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention--about their proof at Magnolia Plantation--not at all impressed, but so far they really haven't gotten much of anything that I'm impressed with ever. It's sad, cause they have lots of equipment, but they're not really ghost hunters, more entertainers, so I don't hold out a lot of hope. The problem is that folks like Jason and Grant are folksy and warm and somehow more stuff happens to them when they're shooting the breeze with "entities" than when Zak and the gang are taunting them. It's fun to watch, but I'm starting to believe it's not really effective. You couldn't attract my attention by bullying me. But, it admittedly is fun to watch, so long as we don't mistake them for the real thing.

  4. I watch this show every Friday and looking forward to this one. Like you said, it's in our own backyard. I'm also interested in seeing what they find as to what TAPS captured and personally experienced. I don't like recapping this show (too stressful, lol) but I think I will make an exception in this case. BTW, Ghost Hunters International is coming back this coming Wednesday and I will be recapping that show. I also love those GH marathons.

  5. Julie;
    Thanks. Yup--I look forward to your recap's, you do an excellent job. One of the staff at Travel Channel actually asked me to post this about the show, and I don't mind because I don't ask it to be perfect, just to see these three stooges in a new location is fun for me. A lot of folks hate to admit they watch it, but they're hooked. They kind of mock ghost hunting while attempting it. It's a perfect combo for entertainment.

  6. yeah, i was watching the documentaries on scifi too, that was cool!
    That's funny about the drinking parties, i bet they can get pretty drunk.
    well let's see what they come across this Friday.

  7. Oh goody, I was hoping you'd blog about this ep of GA, LOL :)

    I love Tombstone, even though it's way touristy...there is so much history there. I really believe the entire town is haunted, not just the Birdcage.

    On one visit, I paid the extra charge to actually go back inside the theatre and look around. Pretty neat...I shot a lot of film but didn't catch anything unusual. The gambling area/whore cribs in the basement were interesting and had a very strange vibe to them. Weird energy in that room.

    The only strange pic I took on that visit was of a room under one of the old saloons...I wanna say Big Nosed Kate's saloon, but I am not sure. The room I think belonged to a guy who cleaned the saloon, like a janitor or something. It had a rep for being haunted, so I snapped a pic. There is a large black mass in the middle of the frame. I wish I knew where that pic is, I'd post it and see what y'all think.

    Anyway...I thought the Birdcage ep of GA was funny and interesting. If it wasn't faked, that voice shouting "NO!" was pretty freaky, and the sounds of the cards being shuffled...