Thursday, July 23, 2009

Ghost Adventures--Friday's Episode

The team is going to the Ancient Ram Inn in England.


  1. It looks like a good one but we shall see. I told Eileen that the GA recap will be late on Saturday because my son is getting married tomorrow night. This is why we haven't posted anything new. Mike is in the wedding party. I have got on him about adding another chapter to his story.....soon we hope. Anyway, I sure hope the boys get some great evidence on tomorrow night's show.

  2. Autumnforest this looks interesting! Man Great Britain and its proliferation of spooky places!! I wanted to come over here and thank you for your thoughtful and intelligent comments at my place! I also have a lot of catching up to do at your place! I am spending so much more time doing research when I am online and having a few offline days a week to just concentrate on my writing I am not getting around to as many blogs as I used to -and dont think i will be able to again-However I will always try to get to the people who support me over at my place -it is just a time factor anymore-again thanks so much! I loved the one where you wrote your thought that "religion is the prostitution of spirituality" I couldnt agree more! Congrats to Julie's son also-if I am reading her comment right her son is getting married on my mom's bday-July 24! all the best to you as always!!

  3. I hope this episode will have some good stuff. Having to watch a whole hour of Zak is tough.

  4. Julie;
    Yahoo! You must be thrilled. I adore my son's girlfriend and can't wait for some day for them to be able to be married and together, but I'm really proud that they're finishing college first. As a mom, too, it's always good to know your son has a woman to take care of him. It's a silly thing, but you just want to pass the torch.

    Devin; I'm so excited about your posts. I wish you'd write a history book or lecture! My mother was an angliophile to the worst degree. We even had tea time every day. I remember her babbling about the Queens and such and I'd roll my eyes (what kid cares about that?) But, now that I'm and adult, I find it fascinating to see human nature on a grander scale. You're really onto something there and capturing their personalities so well.

    Sandra; Yeah, the three stooges of ghost hunting are fun to watch. I think they look disappointed when they can't run around with S&M props or costumes. Hope they dazzle us in England and give the term "Ugly Americans" a run for its money. I just don't take them as real hunters but as entertainers, then I can laugh my way through the episodes and not expect anything proof-wise.