Friday, July 31, 2009

Flying Humanoids

History Channel’s Monsterquest show did an episode entitled “Terror From the Sky” on 07/29/2009 about flying humanoids, a new phenomenon being reported mostly in the Southwest, Northwest, and Mexico. In fact, this episode actually creeped me out so much, I had nightmares. That’s pretty rare for me, but when I run into a new novel phenomenon, I tend to get very engrossed with the puzzle. BTW: They are reshowing this one on Saturday August 8 at 2 pm (check local times)

This one is definitely a puzzle.

The film above shows interviews and film footage people have taken in Arizona by interviewer Scott Davis, a great local guy who loves the paranormal stuff. The episode of Monsterquest, however, went on to show the skeleton of a tiny creature that appeared to be monkey-like but walked on two legs. DNA testing, as always, was inconclusive. It could be a hoax, but should the pictures taken of it while it was alive be real, I’d say it would more likely be a cave-dwelling monkey creature with large eyes for vision in the dark and translucent skin as most creatures from caves possess. I don’t know if the two types of phenomenon relate to each other at all. This thing certainly had no wings.

Take a look at the film. I’d like to hear your input. Some folks say flying balloons. Could be. I’ve seen them picked up by the wind and carried pretty steadily before, but always far away, getting smaller and smaller. These things seem to stay on an even elevation. Very freaky-deeky. And it struck a nerve with me after reading "Hunt for the Skinwalkers" about that ranch in NE Utah that had such phenomenon.



  1. The story defintely had my attention right away. I had never heard of anything like it before. And it bothered me. The video is very compelling. I hope they do more work on this story.

  2. Thanks Kimberly;
    I'm so possessed by coming up with theories, that I'm going to review the tons and tons of tape people have made-thank goodness for camcorders!

  3. more mysteries.....this one is freaky-deeky. it does look someone with a jet pack, but who knows.
    i'm bummed i missed that episode of monsterquest. i'll catch it on a rerun, sounds good.

  4. I remember this being on the news. I thought it was fascinating then and even more so now. I haven't watched that eppy of MonsterQuest yet but I will today or tomorrow. I think this whole subject is interesting and hope they do more research on flying humanoids.

  5. I'm definitely following this one up, it's become my new obsession and I hope to come up with some theories soon.

  6. wow, autumnforest, so strange!! i'm glad i found your blog, i thought i was the only adult still interested in weird things & ghosts, & all that!
    truthfully, it's flying like it's wearing a jetpack, but....who knows? how close are you to phoenix?

  7. EVERYONE-This episode is reshowing on Saturday August 8 at 2 pm (check your local times) on History Channel

  8. When I first heard about the flying humanoid I was unsure what I would see. My friends husband from a small town in Central Mexico was verifying a story about his little town by telling us this story:
    The local school was having a presentation at a community building. The job of taking enough chairs from the school to the community center was given to the older boys. The boys knew to hurry before full dark because there were no lights after 730PM. On the next to the last trip the boys began to see something cast shows from above. It was a bruja. He said no one believe what they saw and so they had to go and finish the job, which they did running. He described how the UFH appeared in detail because the being began to terrorize the town. A few of his school buddies had nervous breakdowns and did not leave their homes until the being was captured. Yes, captured.
    Some one in the know lasso-ed the old bird using the seven redemptive names of Christ ritual. However from there no one knew how to proceed so they brought the being to the jailhouse and drunk tanked her. The whole village came through to get a look. She had one eye visible from under her black cloak and black ragged dress. She had a broom which had been visible when she overflew the boys on the street. My friend describe her as being enveloped in a green glow when airborne. This was in the late '60's BTW.
    I did not sleep well after seeing the video.

  9. Windfulfils;
    What a story! That's creepy. This whole thing is very unsettling and I'm write now writing up a followup to it with some theories and insights.