Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Eye Positioning

Yeah, you're probably wondering--what is she thinking now? I'm always interested in different subjects and the curiosity about eye positioning came to me honestly. When I do psychic readings, my eyes have to be in a certain position for me to access the information. You can learn a lot about a person's truthfulness by their eye positioning.

For example, if you look to the right upper position, you are accessing visual memory as it pertains to the conversation. If someone said, "what color are Uncle Lou's eyes?" You'd more than likely recall that looking to your upper right.

If you look to the middle right, you are recalling auditory. You are likely to recall a song looking in this position. This intrigues me because when I do psychic reads, I go between upper right and middle right and yet I have absolutely no auditory talents in the psychic realm, at least not that I'm aware of.

You'll see people often look down right during conversations, that shows that they are considering what they are going to say next. If you ask someone how their talk with their boss went, they'll more than likely look down right.

If you look upper left, you are accessing your visual imagination. If I were to ask you to picture a dog with no hair, you'd probably look to your upper left.

If they look to their middle left, they are in the auditory range again. Here, they are likely to do things like make up a song, or even imaging what their dream man's voice might sound like.

The last position is probably the most telling. The lower left is where a person has their feelings. If someone asks you how you feel about something, you're likely to access it there.

Why does eye positioning intrigue me? Because, as I've mentioned before, I'm synesthetic when it comes to time/days/months/years. I see them tracking out of my body in a strange 3-dimensional zig-zag. When I do psychic read's, it's much the same. The information is out there and I just have to position my eyes and pick out the right quadrant to access it. Experiment with this a bit and see how you do. I tried looking to the right middle when I wanted to remember the lyrics to a song and it really helped!


  1. Do the eye positions remain the same if the person is left-handed? Does eye dominance make a difference?

  2. Apparently, the same positioning of the eyes should work for everyone. This is why poker players wear sunglasses.

  3. Wow. This is another really neat bit of info you can apply to so many things. Another great post!

  4. the funny thing is, when you said try picturing a hairless dog, I looked up right, mostly because I've seen pictures of what the world has deemed as the "ugliest dog" (poor thing).

    But this is definately a refresher, I've known about eye positions, Looking up right usually means your're being truthful and to the left is usually lying.

    Eyes also have a lot to do with communication... hence the uncomfortable feeling that you get whena police officer comes up to you with his sunglasses on and you cant see his eyes. and that's why they'll ask you to remove yours sometimes.

    Eye's are interesting to me.. They express so much. :)

  5. Glad ya'all enjoyed it. Today's my day off and besides doing fun things I like to do, I've managed to get very close to being able to post the final findings of the research. You find when you know someone well, you can tell when they're lying by their eye movements. Next time you watch an interview with someone on TV and you think they're covering up something (jeez, I don't know, someone like a member of the Jackson entourage, maybe) you can see their eye movements when they're thinking of how to answer. Very telling.

  6. Good post. I have a post about the Brain. The Brain Mind lectures and this makes some sense to me as far as where you are "looking" when looking up to access the info. I like to stare people straight in the eyes when I think they are lying and it can become quite interesting and telling IMO.

    The Brain Mind Lectures Post

  7. Great info! I didn't know all the different eye positions and what they meant.
    On a different note, I wanted to tell you that I finally had a paranormal experience. Well I'm pretty sure I did.
    I got to go to the Stanley Hotel on a ghost tour on Monday. It was a pretty long drive, but I really wanted to do it.
    When we were about to the start our tour we crossed another tour group and the tour guide says to us that "it has been pretty active". I was sure hoping it would be.
    Well at one point the guide was telling us about female guests getting their hair touched or blown into. A few seconds later I totally felt someone blowing at my neck, I even felt my hair move. I had my hair up in a pony tail.
    I turned and thought for sure my husband had done it trying to be funny. I thought he would be grinning, but he was just listening to the guide, so I asked him if he had done it and he had not. I really, really felt someone blowing on my neck. I must say I was very surprised and excited.
    The guide even let me crawl into that underground space that Jason and Grant went into where they heard voices. I started saying hello, etc. but I didn't hear anything. I didn't have a recording device with me but I took a lot of photos. I will check them all when I get back home.

  8. "C"
    Thanks for the input and for the link. I agree about staring people in the eyes. Sometimes silence is the best thing. People hate silence. If you just remain quiet and stare, they start babbling. It's like they think you know more and they better confess. It's pretty funny, actually. When I stare into someone's eyes, I become much too empathic with their feelings. I hate that. I have to force myself to look into their eyes for long seconds. Very hard. There's a form of therapy that involves the therapist checking your eyes as you stare at them and then after the sessions they reassess you. Something to do with trauma being held in the eyes or some such rot. I had it done when I went through regression therapy for some blocked time in my past and I gotta tell you it was really uncomfortable having to stare at someone for a few minutes at a time very close up. Weird-o-rama! Our eyes really do protect our souls that way.

    Yahoo! I want to see the pictures and hear all about it. Hope you put it on your blog. I had the same thing done when I was at the Hotel Vendome in Prescott in the closet in Abby's room. Something brushed my hair back from my neck and it felt like a finger tickled my skin. It was something a flirting guy might do. Very weird--of course, the closet was completely empty. The sense that someone was behind me was so strong it was hard to resist just turning on the flashlight and looking but I continued my EVP session and when I got out of there, my hair was still tucked behind my shoulder---my long hair naturally falls in front of my shoulder and never behind. It was pretty strange.

  9. Whoa!! this is great Autumnforest! All of this information was new to me-really appreciate your hard work-best to you and yours as always-interesting comments also!!