Friday, July 17, 2009

Extreme Pumpkins

You will be getting probably once-a-week reminders that Halloween is coming (I got a three-month jump, but hey, it's my time of the year!) These books by Tom Nardone, "Extreme Pumpkins" are ridiculously fantastic. They make great Halloween gifts, but most of all, they're just so funny you can't put them down. He has tons and tons of crazy Jack-O-Lantern designs that are over the top and easy to do! He goes to great detail to explain the techniques too.

He has Jack-O-Lanterns barfing up their insides, baby ones with poopy diapers, aliens, tiki's, Frankenstein, and even one eating a Barbie doll. You'll never look at carving the same way again!

They're like $7-8 on Amazon or you can get them used (they way I buy) for a penny and $3.99 shipping ($4 total).



  1. I just love the fact that pumkin carvings has become such extreme art. The things I have seen carved are just mine blowing. Love it!

  2. You know, I have to admit I got lazy one year and bought those carvable pumpkins at Michael's store--the kind that last forever. I thought I'd do a couple good designs and keep them year to year. I found that without the guts and smell of pumpkin, it's just not the same--like an artificial Xmas tree--which I use and hate (but refuse to chop a tree down for my pleasure). I stick a couple cloves in the lid of my jack-o-lantern and it keeps it smelling very holiday-ish.

  3. I'm not sure if these are in there, Autumn, but there's one of 3 pumpkins on some steps, the one on the lowest one heaving, the middle one dopily smirking, the top one looking worried, empties of Tecate & Heineken littering their space, an aloe vera plant beside them oblivious to their eXistenZ. Gladjs liked that Patrik Mata music video elsewhere. Gets people in the mood for Hallowe'en every time … LOL … have a metamorphic weekend!

    A cultivator of gourds,
    Anadæ Effro (•:-0}

  4. That sounds cool! I love to see the great ideas people have every year!

  5. Anadæ;
    Yeah, there's some ones in that book that include a pumpkin with a terrified look and the makings for a pumpkin pie sitting next to it. A few drunken ones too. This guy comes up with great ones. I love having a sense of humor about it.

  6. Thanks indeed for Amazon! In my situation sometimes even they are out of my range-but when I do something and ask to be paid in books haha-you can get three or four from Amazon for the price of one at a regular bookseller-the pumpkins really look cool! I will do an extreme pumpkin this year-hopefully to celebrate cooler weather also by then much less just the "spooky" holiday! I picked Boston Tea Party-you come up with great poll questions also! all the best!!