Friday, July 3, 2009

Essex Mountain Sanitorium - Verona NJ - Scores high 5/6!

As I get further along in revising the formula based on evidence of hauntings and physicality, the train track feature may or may not remain. For now, this location scores a high 5/6. I'd love to make it a 6/6 because of its construction, land, and death history, but for now we'll say 5/6. Here's how it pans out:

1. Opened in 1907.
2. Used for TB patients at one time in which a great deal of people died.
3. Made of stone.
4. Land is shale, sandstone, and limestone.
5. Not far from a stream.

I have perhaps 3 more locations and I'm ready to show you the statistics of the 50 places. If you have any suggestions for a place, please let me know asap, I have one opening for a haunted site to plug into the formula.

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