Thursday, July 2, 2009

Design Toscano - Set the Mood

Someone asked me the other day about the medieval decorations that filled my house some years ago (before I switched my look over to an Ikea meets botanical green house) look. I still adore getting my catalogs from my favorite store, Design Toscano. They have something for everyone from fairy lovers to Nordic Viking types to gargoyle lovers to Celtic folks. My fingers itch to sort through the catalog. Much of these things still actually incorporate into my home's newer look, but in subtle ways, such as a green man wall hanging or a fairy in the garden. I like small references to my Nordic and Celtic background around the house, but in the garden, I like it to feel rather medieval and spooky. I just had to share this catalog with ya'all. You can see it here. I have a feeling anyone that reads this blog will adore this place. In fact, that picture at the top is a zombie statue that I really really want to get but can't seem to justify buying. Perhaps I should indulge when my birthday comes on the cusp of autumn.


  1. You should get it. I would love to see the looks on your neighbor's faces with that thing in your garden, lol. Love it!

  2. Creepy but funny! When is your birthday( if you are an Aries it is just not worth the waiting, but if you are a leo..)BB

  3. My HOA would kill me, but it'd be worth it. I have a place in the yard near the pool that would be kinda freaky. I would love to see people's faces when they round the corner and it's looking up at them.

    Greekwitch, I'm a Virgo, hence, I talk myself out of spending money. Hee hee