Thursday, July 2, 2009

Amityville House - Amityville, NY - Scores 4-1/2/6

Hey, I'm like everyone else, I have my doubts about Amityville. We know the hype about the book and the movie and the big hoopla, and we know that it was fabricated. But, the history of the house does stand on its own, so I figured I should weigh it in on the haunted formula.

1. Ground is Sedimentary stone.
2. Near water.
3. House over 50 years old.
4. Death there (family killed by son)
5. The house is frame, but the basement is believed to be stone. I'm willing to give it a half point for this.

The house isn't ideal construction for a haunting, as I've found the geology and the building materials seem rather vital, but the history is grisly, it is beside running water, and the geology is fairly good.

I get the distinct feeling this fairly high score will not withstand actual "evidence" of haunting, as the book on which the hauntings are based has to be disregarded as fiction, but I'll investigate and see if anyone has been allowed in and actual gotten evidence. It might be that this place remains a big question mark on actual hard proof of haunting. Sure would love to send TAPS there and close the book on this legend off once and for all.

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