Sunday, June 28, 2009

Winchester House - San Jose, CA - Scores weak 3/6

I have to admit, I've never heard about any good "hard" proof of haunting at the Winchester House. It's one of those places that's so zany, you have to wonder if the simple bad Feng Shui of all the dead end rooms on this mansion causes the extremely uncomfortable feelings people get inside of it.

Here's how this "famous" haunted place scores:
1. Older than 50 years.
2. Sarah Winchester died in her sleep there.
3. The ground is sedimentary.

The fact is, the house is frame construction (incompatible with haunting), there are no waterways or railroad tracks nearby.

It will be interesting to use this one in my research to compare the score 3/6 (on the weak side of 3) with the actual "hard" proof of haunting that anyone's accrued. As it stands, with this borderline 2/3 score, I'd put it at "it's not ever going to be haunted, or it would take extraordinary events and time to make it haunted." I don't hold out hope it'll ever truly be haunted.


  1. I always thought she was just an old eccentric is all. Back then, a woman that age with serious menopause symptoms is about all it would take.

    BUT, that house is so awesome in photographs that I post it every time I run across an article with it. That and the Del Coronado. Both are breathtaking.

  2. I actually visited this house a few years ago. We stopped in San Jose on our way up north. It is a very wacky house, but we didn't experience anything unusual or paranormal. I'd still like to go back one day.
    I've been to the Del Coronado, but again nothing paranormal.

  3. Atrueoriginall;
    Yeah, if my family owned a gun company, I think I'd have plenty of reason to feel guilt and sadness too. I know people like her who are totally guided by their psychics, kinda scare. I mean, I'm psychic, but I would never profess to tell someone their future. That's ridiculous. There are too many futures to be telling one which is going to occur.

    Sandra; I know several people who've been to the house and they said it's weird pathways and dead ends really made them unsettled but they didn't feel any of the heaviness or sadness often associated with an active haunt. I'm rather torn about California haunts in general because of the very volcanic ground and few buildings with block/stone, but the fault lines do intrigue me. I'd like to learn a bit more about where fault lines lie in relation to haunted sites, as well. I hope to do that during my second sweep of research.

  4. A rather interesting house, that I will never see, except in articles such as yours. What I know is that is was owned by Sarah Winchester, the Wife of the Man who invented the Winchester Rifle. Has so many different halls and doorways that lead nowhere. To confuse Spirits.