Friday, June 12, 2009

White House Score on the Haunted Formula

I just had to make you wait to find out the score on the White House. It's long been talked about, the Lincoln Bedroom and the ghost of Washington himself wandering the White House (though it was built between 1792-1800 with John Adams as the first resident). The house itself actually has no history of death or trauma. It's not located near train tracks or rivers. It is made of sandstone and ironically the land is sandstone and it is older than 50 years. For that reason, the White House scores a 3/6. With this score, what we know is that the white house could potentially be haunted if something were to happen there that might give it a traumatic history. Thankfully, it's the safest place in the country and so will remain steeped in romance but no actual ghosts.


  1. oh Autumnforest-remind me about this post when i come back just caught it as i was going to bed-there is a book but i will have to ask a friend the name of it about WH hauntings-of course it is one of those who knows? I think queen elizabeth had an experience or is reported to -of having been woken up late at night by Honest Abe Lincoln in the middle of the night when she was staying there-(this is an old story-I heard it in the 70s or 80s so dont know if it is true)and supposedly she never slept overnight there again-some net searches could probably gain some lead on the possible veracity of this story and i apologize for not doing them before i started commenting! I would wonder if it is even protocol for the queen to stay in the WH on visits to the US-I guess she would but dont know-best to you as always and hope my comment was readable-insomnia got me again haha-o before I go M Skaggs from the Hidden Agendas gave me a great heads up for a meditation at A Light in the Darkness blog-Mirror Meditation-dont know if youre into that stuff-I am going to try it when i am not so tired-it sounds both spooky and interesting!! best as always!!

  2. Devin;
    I sure hope you make up the sleep during the day. It's so hot in the summer here, I usually adjust my sleep to accommodate it when I can because I'd rather sleep through the bad part of the day. There is a long history of stories being told about Abe showing up at the White House. I think it's part of the culture to want to believe in such romantic notions in such an historic building. Who wouldn't want him to linger? Although, he probably wouldn't need to stand over Barack's shoulder and tell him what to do--I think he might be channeling him (heehee). I would put a great deal of doubt in the idea of haunting at the White House, although admittedly if Lincoln went down quickly, he might be a bit on the lost side and what better place to reacclimate? Still, other than it being an old house with a lot of historic figures living there, it doesn't seem to support a genuine haunting by any of the stories told of the supposed haunts. The difficult thing is that "proof" of haunting, that is, someone going in there and doing a ghost hunt, just doesn't exist. Maybe they'll get smart and let TAPS spend the night in the Lincoln Room. :-)

  3. I love how honest you were about giving this a fair score based on your haunting formula and not trying to tweak it and justify it to make it be more haunted!

  4. Courtney;
    Thanks. I admit to having grown up in the DC area and feeling haunting in certain places, but definitely not at the White House. It feels alive with a lot of emotion now, but doesn't feel haunted. I would think if you were president and you died, you'd want to check on the old home territory, but I'm not sure the conditions are great for them to lock in...