Sunday, June 28, 2009

Where Does My Research Stand Now?

Although it’s still early in the research to draw real correlations yet, I keep running into themes that run strongly. Here’s something I’ve noticed so far from my research into my “Haunted Formula.”

I pulled out a log I've kept of ghost hunting jaunts and which ones provided great activity. They always correlated to a night of geomagnetic activity. Could this be a contributory factor with the geology to create an ideal "action" night?

Geology is important. Fault lines are important. Construction of the building is important. Running water seems to be important. Train tracks seem to occur incidentally, haven’t necessarily made the connection yet. And, of course, having a history of trauma and death is vitally important to a haunting, but perhaps not necessary.

It seems like the more I investigate this, the more I come across things serendipitously. I was watching a program about Crop Circles, something I’ve not given a lot of thought to, but a man who wrote a book about them was speaking and something he said seemed to strike me. Simeon Hein, Ph.D. wrote the book “Opening Minds: A Journey of Extraordinary Encounters, Crop Circles, and Resonance.” I found a sample of the book online here. He was telling about how they’ve learned that meditation can actually change an area’s energy and that in areas of Crop Circles, people's bodies seem to feel something new in the environment imprinted there.

This so strangely correlates with what I’ve found in regards to hauntings being events imprinted into an environment under the right conditions. I’ve also experimented with spending meditation time with pleasant images and memories in a place that has a bad feeling to it in order to change the feel of that place with a new imprint. It’s just a theory, but I think it’s possible to heal haunted places by replacing bad emotions with good ones, changing the "memories" of the spot. This might also explain why some places seem to lose their haunting efficacy over time when they’re open to the public to trample upon over and over again, therefore changing the overall mood of the place.

The ancients seemed to know a great deal about earth energy and natural ley lines, where to place stones to empower the area. They used stones for a reason I believe could correlate to haunted stone buildings and the geology of the land—it’s a good recording device. If you ever get the chance to see “The Stone Tapes,” a British movie made in 1972, you’d find it worth your while. It’s sometimes hard to find and because it’s British, you might to see it on your computer and not your DVD player – incompatible. But, when I happened across this movie, it really made me sit up and go, “yes!” I could never explain what it was about the elements of where I grew up that seemed to be dripping with memories and feelings and history. Sure, it was an important historic site, but the creek, the wellsprings, the shale, quartz, and the very mineral contents of the earth combined with the thick-walled stone foundation home that sat on a hill, seemed to make a weird set of circumstances. Even as a child visiting historic sites up and down the East Coast, I was easily able to identify the places that would be haunted. It was an observation made by the actual physicality of the location.

So, as I continue my research, these things are floating in my mind. I’m sure when all is said and done, it’ll make clear sense what properties a place needs to have to be haunted, but I also believe a place with no history of death or trauma could be haunted as well. This is just a guess at this point that I hope to find proof of, but I believe that in the right setting, a family can impart memories into the home, leaving a residual emotional stew that can be stirred up.

Continue to follow. When I get new bits of wisdom, I’ll share them. I have very few places to list their scores yet on here and then I’m on to studying the “hard haunting” proof of the locations.

I’m so glad you’re following along with me. I really don’t know yet what it’ll show us, but I think it’s time someone sat down and quit saying “bad things happened here, that’s why it’s haunted” and started asking, “why is this place haunted but not that one with a similar event occurring?”


  1. You are doing exhaustive research and I have to commend on that b/c Iknow exactly how much dedication and commitment that it takes. It look sas though you are on to something here. As far as geomagnetic activity, specifically what are you speaking of? Interaction with solar wind? Just curious.

  2. Thanks. Yeah, it's extensive, but I have to be honest--it's so darned interesting, it has me held captive. When I refer to geomagnetic activity, it's a measurement of the earth's magnetic field. Occasionally, there are geomagnetic "storms" and these can be measured as "impulses" or "warnings" and the daily results can be found on sites like
    Just for thoroughness, I noted things like weather conditions, moon cycles, geomagnetic fields and solar x-rays and found that geomagnetic had a strong correlation with good nights to ghost hunt.

  3. I'll probably go out into left field a little here but it's all about the geomagnetic field.

    I know you've heard me say it before, which is that there is a great possibility that the human spirit, (the fabric - what it actually consist of) is that 'of' the geomagnetic field.

    The associations with the geomagnetic field and the human spirit are phenomenal.

    The universe is nothing but physics, but Physics cannot find anything else shy of electrons so what else could that fabric of the spirit consist of?

    We just can't say that we're foo foo dust and that's just the way it is because no, everything is made from something. It has to be or it never existed. I'm sure we can agree on that.

    What else would have the ability to lift our life's memories and pictures except for magnetics such as that on a magnetic cassette tape or VHS tape?

    It has been said for a few thousand years that we were created out of the bowels of earth and who's to say that, that wasn't a bug put in someone's ear. I think there's a lot of truth to it. Especially since the geomagnetic field is as well created within the core of the earth.

    Certainly there was more working there besides the geomagnetic field but that I think we create as we grow. I think about hormones (certain ones anyway) that could pose as a photographic solution of sorts that allow our pictures and memories to adhere to such. So obviously the body would be involved.

    I think we'll come to find out a whole bunch more when someone discovers exactly why EVPs, cameras, etc. drain while visiting a haunted location. Certain ghost hunters like to say that the ghost are draining them for their energy but I think instead its probably the energy of the ghost interfering with the battery due to it possibly being a big piece of geomagnetic field standing there.

    As far as forming a spirit into the shape or form of the human body I think is all part of our central nervous system (synapse) at work there. And, as soon as the lights go out there's nothing holding back and it's only then released.

    Just like wheat fields, (crop circles) there is as well an association with the geomagnetic field and aquifers. Wheat fields are a major energy source because of the wheat's own energy output. Besides that, there's nothing around to interfere with it such as roads, trees, houses, etc., which is why there is a greater metaphysical experience in a crop circle. It's not just wheat either - there's other crops that put out as much energy.

    You know what probably would have been a good idea to check on while you were researching are aquifers - then again that could be because the geomagnetic field has to make it's way to the surface and consequent aquifers.

  4. Atrueoriginall;
    Yes, you seem to see the whole picture in a way that I do, as well. I don't think any of this is coincidental and aquifers and fault lines are two things I'm going to be sweeping over and recording, as well. I'm learning a lot more about earth sciences than I imagined I would, but I'm a very quick learner, so I'm not worried about absorbing the knowledge and applying it. I have to admit that on nights when geomagnetic fields are having bursts and storms, I do go through my batteries very very fast. One night, I had to change them three times in two hours in just my hand-held digital still camera. In the electronic voice recorder, I had to change them three times and it was only turned on for two brief times! I don't have a single doubt that the ancients were much more tied to the earth and reading the sky and earth and knowing where energy lies. I would suspect that early man probably had a very potent form of it for necessity, but perhaps we've lost some of the abilities along the way. I'm certain if you sat a person on a granite slab, you might get a combination that makes it possible for the person to open up and read more about the environment. It's like going to Sedona, you simply can't help but be affected by the rocks. It's quite possible that even creating settlements and planting crops depended upon knowing these power centers. In fact, if we look at ancient villages like Glastonbury, we can see their location isn't coincidence. This is really interesting stuff.

  5. What a great post... this is all interesting stuff!

  6. When you say "storms" are these impulses from the Earth itself or the solar wind storms eminating from the Sun and how they effect the Earth's geomagnetic field? I teach this stuff so I'm just trying to get a hnadle on what it is that you study. I'm extremely interested in anything related to geoscience.