Saturday, June 20, 2009

UFO Mystery For You To Solve

During my studies, I had to look into some towns on the map. My eyes widened while (fate?) I was simultaneously watching a program that discussed Phoenix Lights and Roswell being the two most important UFO sightings ever and the map in front of me showed them strangely at the same latitude. I looked it up and Roswell and Phoenix are both on the 33rd parallel.

The 33rd parallel has been associated with Freemasonry as a symbolic latitude. Although there is a great deal of secrecy about its importance, it’s been often associated with places of great conflict and death, such as the death row at Florence Prison and other sites along the 33rd parallel such as numerous other US death rows, and countries like Lebanon, Pakistan, and Iraq. I’ve never put any weight in the 33rd parallel in particular, but now I think I’d like to know more.

If you're feeling ambitious and curious, these cities in the US also are at the 33rd parallel. You might want to see if they have any unusual amounts of UFO sightings:
Temecula, CA, Lubbock, TX, Witchita Falls, TX, Denton, TX, Greenville, MS, Birmingham, AL, Atlanta, GA, Augusta, GA, and Myrtle Beach, SC.

Let me know if any of you find anything, I'll be busy working on my other research.


  1. Hi, Autumn! I am playing catch up on posts after being out of the loop for so long.

    Your studies are VERY interesting, I can't wait to read more of your findings.

    Forgive me if I ask questions you've already addressed, since like I said, I'm trying to catch up... Have you looked at geological make up of Sedona? With it's red rock (sedimentary?) which I am guessing must have a lot of iron in it or something, and all the claims of vortexes and such. How is Sedona set up as far as hauntings?

    Great posts, keep them coming! :)

  2. The "Lubbock Lights" 1951:
    A "V"-shaped string of lights (strikingly similar to the Phoenix Lights!) seen by multiple witesses including college professors.

    Just out of curiousity, I checked out Aurora, TX, site of an alleged UFO crash (complete with dead alien supposedly buried in the towns cemetery) in 1897. Guess what...Aurora is also on the 33rd parallel!

    Not aware of any major UFO events in Birmingham, AL, but it IS home to Sloss Furnace which was featured on Ghost Adventures.

  3. Pamela;
    Great question. I got sidetracked while doing research because I found a lot of places with natural phenomenon like lights/UFOs and such and found that they had much the same kind of ground in cases like Marfa Lights, Skinwalker Ranch, Devil's Promenade, and Sedona. I hope to do some more studies correlating evaporate soils in water scarce places and Native American sites. It seems like the more I discover, the more there is to discover.

    Gummerfan--I like the way you think! Thanks so much. Continue to poke around--I think we might be onto something.

  4. Well, since you asked (lol) I checked into the "Troup-Heard Corridor". It's an area in East Central AL & West Central GA with a history of UFOs, bigfoot & cryptid sightings and black helicopters. Yep, 33rd parallel. LaGrange, GA (a hotbed of weirdness itself) is also included in this area. Loren Coleman reorts places named "Lagrange" report higher than normal levels of paranormal or $ortean events.
    The geology of the area is mostly granite and quartz. There is also some coal mining activity there.

  5. For some reason while reading this I was moved to look up the latitudes of the trinity test site where the atom bomb was developed and the latitudes of Nagasaki Japan and Hiroshima-well the Trinity test site is at 33 degrees and some odd mins-nagasaki is almost at 33 degrees- 32 deg and 47 mins and Hiroshima is at 34 degrees-could be just a weird coincidence or feeling I got but thought it was interesting in a way. thanks for this information!!

  6. Gummerfan;
    I like your tenacity! Yahoo! I've been dying to look up stuff on the 33rd parallel and start a collection of events along there. I think it'd be fun to compare it with a random parallel and show that yeah, something is going on. I just finished reading "Hunt for the Skinwalker" and I really feel I'm onto something, I just don't know what it is yet. Wow--I hadn't even thought about Japan! To make it easier, I use can plug in a city or address and it gives you the latitude and longitude
    Granite-quartz-coal mining--it's like the trifecta of weird natural occurrences...Keep me posted.

  7. Devin;
    Thanks so much for the Japan info. I need to pull out a world map and start looking at the 33rd parallel, just run a straight line and see what I get. I bet it cuts through the Bermuda Triangle. When I get a break today, I'll check that out...

  8. Fouke Arkansas, home of the Fouke monster of "Legend of Boggy Creek" fame is also on the 33rd parallel, but the Honey Island Swamp of LA isn't.
    I also found some conspiracy/New World Order sites that list an area of Georgia (land owned by the CDC) where between half a million to a million black "FEMA Coffins" are stored. Depending on the source, this is also on the same line.

  9. Oops! Forgot to mention that I look forward to your impression of Hunt for the Skinwalker!

  10. Gummerfan;
    I hope you're keeping a list--this is crazy! I know that folks have long associated with 33rd parallel with death and phenomenon. I'll be curious to pick a random one and compare. Oh, and I do plan to do a review of "Hunt for the Skinwalker." I can't believe how much I loved that book--I tried to not think of it as an actual factual accounting, but I couldn't help feeling like much of it rang true!

  11. Gummerfan;
    Also, just a side note, but Bush's father (senior Bush the ex-president) was a Mason (don't know if he still is) and ironically he had a clash with Iraq and his son went to war with Iraq--33rd parallel. Hmm....