Monday, June 29, 2009

Tapping Into Universal Knowledge

Have you ever wandered a beach, stood on the edge of the Grand Canyon, or sat on a rock ledge overlooking a stream and felt a strange sense of bliss, a primeval sensation of “coming home?” You were, in fact, tapping into Earth's energies and a universal knowledge that gives you perspective of the bigger picture.

If you perform regular meditation, this probably isn’t hard for you to do, even when you’re in a stressful work office. The key to being able to realign with being human and jumping onto the psychic highway to gather knowledge, is pretty straightforward.

Here’s how I do it:

Stop all internal dialogue. You want to hear no “spoken inside the head” words. You know what I’m talking about, that constant narrator. With no spoken words in your mind, look around the room at objects, but do so without attaching importance to them, no words, no meaning, no images of where you bought them or what you need to do tomorrow. Simply look at them through your “human animal” eyes (my own term, I assure you), but the sense is that you look at things but do not attribute name, importance, meaning, or attachment to them. Do this as long as you can without a single word, duty, or stray thought wandering through.

For some people, this practice is very uncomfortable. For psychics, it’s a godsend. You have to be able to occasionally close off dialogue and simply read without the active critical mind telling you it isn’t true.

My son recently came to me with several psychic visions. Being a skeptic, he didn’t believe them until they came true within days. I asked him what it felt like when he got the “universal knowledge” in his mind. He said, to him it felt like fact, as if had already been done. Then, he said, his active mind came-to and started dismissing it with logic. I told him, that’s the killer of psychic readings—the active mind that disputes true knowledge. When you get a good psychic reality, you feel as if it’s simply fact. There’s no sadness, emotions, or anything else attached. It just simply is set in stone. If you’re a good psychic, you don’t let the active mind dismiss it and try to talk it away.

I’d like to see everyone try and tap into that part of their mind. I believe it’s the part of the mind that interacts with things of a spiritual nature, things of a ghostly nature, things of an earth energy nature. It results in a “universal knowledge.” I believe this is the highway I travel when I do psychic reads and I am certain it's the same way we all travel when we feel our most genuine self, most contented, as we do on the beach or the woods. It's a kind of ancient knowledge that was always there, but our modern minds needed different skills and sort of beat down the "animal" mind.

This was perhaps a bit of a New Age post today, but I don’t believe things are accidental. I think they’re interestingly interwoven, and today I felt like some of my readers needed to hear this one. Call it “universal knowledge.”


  1. Oh goodie, I get to dust off the 'wisdom' section in my bloggies tomorrow. It's been a while since I posted anything in that section.

    Nice article. I know exactly what you mean but unfortunately the masses do not but I wish they did. Most are not 'in tune' (so to speak). Daily life and a busy job with kids in tow does that, and unfortunately that's the masses.

    This does not include 'your' readers (those that comment) certainly. Your blog is a magnet for such.

  2. Atrueoriginall; I knew you'd totally get it. I wish I could give that gift to folks, but sometimes being able to have someone tell you the techniqe and trying it and liking it, might just nudge folks towards a sense of whole-ness. Thanks so much!

  3. Oh I know. You can only put it out there, you can't force feed.

    Re: wisdom - My favorite for such "absolute favorite" is John Wolfe from the Wind of Soul. I have all of his podcasts (YouTubes) on my blog.

    It's not just what he has to say but it's also his voice. Awesome voice that delivers. I love to listen to him.

    He is also the owner of the Season of Shadows, the halloween blog.

    Anyway, here is a link to one of my favorites and below it are the rest of John's work.

    Fortunately I can report that those pages are viewed every single day by many according to my stats - that's a good thing. I was actually surprised recently by it.

    John goes down many avenues in his podcasts. Sometimes it's spirituality and sometimes it's life's lessons.

    These podcasts are real short. Maybe 5 - 7 minutes each.

    Besides this first one, my favorite is "Evoking Change".

    Wind of the Soul

  4. Very Interesting...I need to do this more often...