St. Augustine Lighthouse—Scores a 6 (out of 6)

In my research, I had to jump ahead on my list of 50 places, just to check out St. Augustine Lighthouse. Any fans of “Ghost Hunters” show know that was one of the most memorable episodes every—very chilling!

Lighthouses intrigue me anyways because I have a kind of feng shui attitude about haunted places and round buildings just seem to hold things in a circular motion that makes them ideal vessels. For that reason, this site which would have scored a 5 out 6, scores a 6/6. Round buildings are rare, but I’m willing to give a point to them because they simply do seem to be haunted/disturbed more often than not.

St. Augustine lighthouse has these points:
1. Made of stone.
2. Round building.
3. On the water
4. Older than 50 years
5. Has a history of death/trauma
6. Is on ground that is sands/limestone

Honestly, if I were to factor in other things, like people who for many decades had to climb the metal stairs in a routine that could have left a pattern behind, along with a high-powered light at the top of the circular tower, I’d want to give it even more points! To me, this place appears to be a regular battery to energize spirit activity.

When I’m done with the research, I’m going to delve a bit more into the kinds of reported hauntings and the similarities between the sites. I think there could be a real correlation between the conditions that can cause a residual haunting and perhaps poltergeist activity and what it takes to create an “intelligent” haunting.

More #6’s to come during the week.


  1. I will keep following until the last episode

  2. Can't wait to see what causes intelligent and residual hauntings, that should be interesting. As you know, I love this place! This episode of Ghost Hunters roped me into watching the show along with the Bird Cage Theatre's episode. I'm not surprised it scored a 6 out of 6. I love lighthouses too and want to visit this one in particular. My cousin was telling my family a story about a small haunted lighthouse in Rhode Island. Maybe I'll do a blog on it. Again, what a nice job you are doing figuring out why places are more haunted than others.

  3. This episode had impressive evidence. These are the type of places where they should stay longer and really do some more work. But instead, they're like, yup, caught great evidence, definitely haunted, ok, see ya. I would think a serious ghost hunter would really do a more in depth investigation and try to get answers as to what is happening in these places. I know this show is for entertainment purposes, but then they have lost their original drive, the reason they to started investigating hauntings in the first place.
    I so want to visit this lighthouse someday.

  4. Chib: Thanks so much for following. It's unfolding like a mystery. I have theories, but even I don't know how it'll turn out.

    Mike/Julie: I agree, that episode was amazing! My son says if he got the GHNG show, he'd totally want to go there because of his encounter with a shadowperson was much like that. The thing kept peeking out around the corner at them and was curious but then disappeared when they got near.

    I totally agree. I felt soooo disappointed they didn't stay longer, but there's probably two issues with that: 1. The lighthouse has active tours daily. 2. By the time they've gotten back to their rooms and gone over the evidence, days have passed and their window of opportunity could be gone. Honestly, if I lived in RI and was in FL to do this and had a night with that much evidence just visual and auditory, I'd beg to stay another night and assume that we got evidence on tap the first night.

    I'd also like to see them go back to Eureka Springs (the full-body apparition in the morgue with the cadet's hat on). The Crescent Hotel--that's on my list and you'll be hearing from me next on that one. :-)

  5. This was one of my fave episodes too and not only because we used to live in Jacksonville and had heard a number of ghost stories about the lighthouse. The evidence Ghost Hunters captured continues to be some of the most amazing I've seen come from that show. Another great post!


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