Monday, June 15, 2009

Skinwalker Ranch, Utah

I’d like to thank Gummerfan for mentioning this spot as a potential site to study for my 50 places. I have to admit that upon cursory research, I can’t find much about the house’s construction and as the land is more haunted than the home, it would seem, it’s not an ideal location for the 50-place study, but I’m thrilled to learn more about this interesting site.

I first saw it on one of those conjecture documentaries. A family living in a beautiful cabin in NE Utah were being plagued by all manner of weird occurrences since they move there in the mid 90s. The reported occurrences ran the gamut and they had security cameras that even picked up much of the light phenomenon in the woods surrounding their place.

This land on the Uinta Basin area of Utah has an interesting geology. It’s made of non-marine sediment which is basically a lot of dried up “evaporate” minerals from arid lakes. The land is very rich with minerals and found to be an excellent place to mine them. Much of it is Native American land and filled with legend. It intrigues me the different legends depending upon the region and its characteristics. Apparently, the locals don’t like the land around there and it’s been long associated with skinwalkers. This in Native American cultures is a person who can take on any animal form he or she wishes, also known as “shape-shifters.”

The sort of phenomenon experienced in this ranch area has been everything from shooting balls of lights dancing through the woods (captured on the family’s cameras), poltergeist activity, voices, alien visitations, UFOs, cattle mutilations, skinwalkers, and even some sort of portal in which things can enter and exit--vanishing immediately.

As a person who enjoys researching the unexplained, my first thought was along the lines of geology and this is quite an interesting area with the mountain range nearby and the evaporate minerals in the soil. I don’t profess to be a geologist, but the land here is rather interesting. It has long been a homeland to many Native Americans so there is also a spiritual aspect to the land. These are people more tied to the seasons, the earth, the sky, and water than the rest of us. They can feel and sense subtle changes.

I like to look for commonalities, so when I realized the ranch was out in the middle of nowhere in Utah, I had to wonder what I wondered when Phoenix Lights occurred…Isn’t Nevada nearby? I looked to see a logical pathway for testing to be going on in the air out of the public’s viewing and looked to see if there was a straight shot between Nellis and Wright-Patterson. Nope. But, it was a thought.

Then, I moved on to other concerns. This is a very odd set of circumstances for one out of the way place to be experiencing. What intrigues me the most is that so many things can be occurring in such an unpopulated area. The seclusion alone makes it seem experimental, but then there’s that darned spiritual energy and interesting geology. Could a place be super active because it’s an intersection of leylines (pathways between ancient monuments where power lines run through the earth)?

I’d certainly like to find out if anyone has tried to do some dowsing around the area to see where this might all be centered. If the activity could be located to a specific area, more research could be done. There are lot of stories told by locals and researchers, but finding a way to tie together everything from UFOs to aliens to cattle mutilations to skinwalkers is an interesting puzzle. Maybe we should write to UFO Hunters and see what they think. I might just do that.

For now, I’m left puzzling over this interesting enigma. It seems so random and yet if you look at Sedona Arizona, you have a rich Native American history, an interesting geology (to say the least), arid land, and reports of UFOs and aliens. Areas like Peru that have the Nazca lines are also very arid and alkaline soils with spiritual people and water being the center of their lives. When you have three places that share this same interesting features, you have to wonder. Oh, and before and after earthquakes in Peru, UFOs were reported--connected to the shifting earth??? Hmm…

If anyone has some theories, I’d love to hear them.


  1. Hi Autumn,

    Followed your link from Naveed's Realm, nice blog!

    The Utah Ranch Skinwalker case is fascinating; I've read that book twice now, I don't know what it is but there's something so damn intriguing. No theories really except, I do believe there are places on earth that are portals to somewhere else that allow these things in. I also think factions of government know this and somehow manipulate these areas...

  2. Regan Lee;
    Thanks for reading my post. Yeah, I remember hearing about this case and seeing it on TV, but not really hearing the extent of it. When I saw it, it just involved poltergeist/lights in the woods, but now it's grown into something quite huge. I can't imagine a place with a portal like that in the East. It seems like the West just has more of these magical places and I wonder sometimes if that's why New Mexico, AZ, Utah, California, and Nevada have so freakin' much activity UFO wise. In fact, in looking at it, Roswell and Phoenix are both in the 33rd parallel which is supposed to hold some magical significance around the globe associated with great trauma and secret societies... I love conspiracy theories but I honsetly don't know if our government's that smart. I do wonder, though, if maybe Native Americans know a lot more than they'd be willing to tell. They guard their secrets well. If you've read any of my entries about my haunted formula, you'll see that there are some places with just the right mix. I don't know if I'll ever have reason to see Utah (gotta admit, I avoid Mormons like the plague and long desert drives--both horrifying to me!), but I'd be willing to travel up there just to feel that area and see what might be at work. As a psychic who reads places and objects, I'd really want my body to tell me what's going on.

  3. Joe Capp is another Skinwalker fan. Never shuts up about it. lol

    Hey Regan, wassup,

  4. Nice to view your thoughts on the subject! I realize it differs from a typical "haunted" location (though the family reported poltergeist-like phenomena as well). I was genuinely interested in your take on the lay of the land, so to speak.
    The book also mentions mechanical sounds seemingly coming from beneath the ground. This has been reported in other areas as well.
    And yeah, their's just something about the desert. Taos, Dulce, Roswell, Area 51, the Four Corners area, plus the Native American lands.
    (is it a coincidence that Burt Gummer chose to live in NV?) LOL!

  5. Hey Gummer;
    Thanks for the tip--it was really interesting and got me thinking about my next novel that'll take place at this freaky place I found in Oregon. I want it to have that kind of random weird stuff and spookiness. It is an interesting area, that's for sure! I'd like to learn a bit more about non-marine sediment and alkaline soils and waterways and Indian settlements. I thought the East's hauntings and the West's were quite different, but the more I study the conditions and Native American's influence on the land and the important waterways, the more I wonder if that's a factor. This is fun stuff!

  6. Hey there!
    That Anthem sounds almost like my rain :-p It's amazing how things like that seem to tie in with lifes happenings.
    Maybe the Kinetic part of me is what's drawing me to become a doctor. :p I'd very much so like to do natural medicine but I have NO clue how to get started in that... So I've resulted to Physical Therapy :-p
    It's funny, as You mentioned the whole Right handed people seem to have their left hand as their reading hand... That's the hand that I was feeling the stroking on.
    Thank you so much for that information. It's definately something that I doubt I'd find in this book :-p I appreciate any amount of help.
    But I definately see the thoughts in my head changing and the wheels turning as I get deeper and deeper into the practices :) It's VERY enjoyable. ^.^
    Blessed be!

  7. Have you read the book "Hunt for the Skinwalker" yet? If not I suggest you do. It's gets really into detail about some of the events there. That place is down right creepy if you ask me. Just the place I'd actually like to stay at for awhile though despite the creeps I get lol.

  8. Autumnforest thanks so much for doing a post about skinwalker ranch!! this is a site that greatly interests me and I would love to hear more about it from anyone who has reliable info-the radio show I used to listen to at night really made it sound fascinating-and hella scary if even a quarter of it is true-some people wrote a book about it that I would like to order when I have money-sorry can't remember names of authors or book as usual-but Skinwalker Ranch was in the title-best to you as always and this is a fantastic series!!

  9. all apologies Autumn-had I read all comments -Naveed's is the one with the name of the book!! all the best!!

  10. This is Joseph Capp the man who never shuts up about skinwalker ranch. The book "Hunt For The Skinwalker" details how a team of scientist funded by a multimillionaire and their "naive" attempts to investigate that ranch. I say naive because instead of using some stealth, as the owner suggested they went in there like gang busters. The statement that was made against this attitude was a dismantling of a video camera and whatever it was unwrapped the tape holding the cables on the pole and laid them neatly on the bottom of the pole. This was after ripping the wires out of the camera. So what you say?
    This was done while another camera was filming in the direction of that camera and nothing showed up. Just some very fascinating stuff. But if think it does not have intelligence behind it what happens at that ranch you are just fooling yourself. As you investigate it... it has already figured you out.
    Joe Capp
    UFO Media Matters
    Non-Commercial Blog

  11. Wow, I guess my own fascination for places where weird stuff tends to happen, is also very interesting to others. Now, I need to do a bit more research and come up with some theories. I need to learn a bit more about the exact descriptions of phenomenon to sort through the truth and the baloney and find commonalities and patterns.

    It sounds like you're on the right course. As someone in the health care industry and from a family of health care folks, I'd say if you're going the way of PT studies, you might also consider taking classes in Reiki or nutrition or even massage and be an ever better package--maybe hook up with a chiropractor or an integrated medicine group and go from there. There's lots of things that complement physical therapy and help you make the transition to your physical abilities to heal and spiritual ones. More folks are looking for that as part of their healing. Keep me posted.

    Thanks so much! During research, I heard about the book, but because it was associated with that Area 51 reporter, I wasn't sure how I felt about it, but I went ahead and ordered it for my father-in-law for Father's Day because he loves good western mysteries. I'm sure he'll loan it to me and I'll get a chance to sort through it.

    I'm so glad you read my post. I admit that it was one day's research, so I'm sure once I get going with learning more, I can sort through it and come up with some theories based on my haunted formula. I really do believe that the land is a big factor in this story, but I can't negate the fact that it's in the wide-open western area where govt stuff can be going on, as well. Keep watching for future blips of info on it. Thanks!

  12. lol good one Joe. Okay, you should at least explain to them that I sent you over here to read my comment. :)

  13. I'm actually from the Uintah Basin. There we have all grown up with the Native American legends. We all grew up knowing about skinwalker ranch, so i guess that's why its not as intriguing. I do know of many people who have seen certain out of the ordinary things in the basin. Some of them will never be explained and really put us all on edge. However I tend to believe similarly to the ute people. They avoid this area at any cost even though it is on their reservation and the town of Ft. Duchesne is a mere ten to fifteen minutes away from the boundaries of the ranch. Like i said the ute people avoid this area and do notdo anything to anger the spirits there. This is how most basin residents treat this area. We are not welcome there and that much is very clear.

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  15. I know that this topic is very old, but I also wanted to add my own comments. When this story first "broke" I lived in the area.  I lived in Roosevelt, UT (20 miles from this location) for 15 years.  I have seen and experienced many things as well as know many others who have.  My daughters and I also had several frightening experiences while living in Roosevelt, across from what is called the Gultch.  (In town and not in a sparsely populated area). This ravine runs through many areas avoided by the Ute.  Alternately, my husband is frequently in the non-populated areas of the Basin for his work.  This is often during the very early morning hours, and he sees enough astronomical phenomenon, even now, to almost consider it normal.  Although we no longer live there, I do still live in the Uintah Basin.  My greatest memories are moving out of that immediate area. 

    I would like to know also if there are  ley lines or a vortex in the area.  When I travel the 60 miles for shopping in Vernal, I have to cross a circle of roughly 30 miles, centering just NW of Fort Duchesne and encompassing Roosevelt.  Just before I reach the outer edges of this circle I become agitated and nervous.  I absolutely hate the area within this 30 mile circle.   

    I have been a researcher of paranormal occurrences, as well as many other things.  My knowledge is not to sparse.  This is still one place I avoid when at all possible.  As a note, the Ranch was sold and is now heavily guarded with No Treaspassing signs.

    Bright Blessings
    -"-"-    RaAnn "AutumnRa"

  16. The native Americans in the uintah basin have alot of beliefs. From skinwalkersto shapeshifters and water babies I'm part native American and I live here in the uintah basin skin walkers and shapeshifters are not all the same things they do both feed on fear but skin walkers a melovelent and demonic entities where as shape shifters are harmless in most cases more as warnings with all this beliefs fear is your enemy native Americans can feed on fear they just want respect. So when it comes to the skin walker ranch they are milicious and melovolent and harmful spirits and creatures which u need to have caution with but its not good for people to fear it that makes it stronger and more distructive the native Americans respect it and don't tread on it so don't fear it respect it

  17. I live not even 2 miles away from this place. I even used to visit the old lady that lived there before the couple that had problems. My family leases adjacent property. While I`ve seen stuff that can`t be explained, none of it seemed to be malevolent in nature(aside from the odd mountain lion). However, I`ve never spent the night on that property either. It is not a good place for people to come visit however as it is owned by a very wealthy individual and there are armed guards on the property at all times. Also beware of the dobermans.