Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Queen Mary - Long Beach, CA - Scores 5/6

Trying to head west with some of the 50 places I'm studying. The Queen Mary ship has long been associated with hauntings and lots of ghost hunting teams have boarded it including TAPS ("Ghost Hunters") and actually a pretty good episode of "Most Haunted" (which normally I make fun of, but that episode was their most creepy, I believe.)

Here's how the Queen Mary stands on my scoring system:

1. Queen Mary is made of metal. Usually, a house with a stone foundation is enough, but in this case, I believe the metal actually helps to make it a good conduit for unexplainable activity.
2. Queen Mary is near a train track.
3. Queen Mary is on moving water. (I had some difficulty here because it's not located on land. It gets a point for being on moving water, but I can't give it a point for the composition of the geology).
4. Queen Mary is older than 50 years.
5. Queen Mary has many death associated in its history.

There were two ways I could have gone with this one: 1. Queen Mary is on water so it's super active. 2. Queen Mary is on water and the water acts the same as it would if it were on land as far as activity. When weighing my decision, if geology really is a strong component, I can't really give the ship a point for being on water which also another good conduit. It's one or the other.

Here's how I see the scoring system so far (about 2/3 the way through research)
A score of 1-2 means the place isn't haunted and likely will not ever be haunted.
A score of 3-4 means the place probably isn't haunted but with more time and trauma it is a good vessel for a future haunting.
A score of 5-6 means the place is haunted.

Well, continuing on with some more places, quite a few that might really surprise you.


  1. Love this place. Mike and I, along with his sisters, will be spending the night there as soon as we can afford it. We want to do a southern California haunted places run checking out some of the famous places there.

  2. That'd be neat. I've done the tours of Queen Mary when we lived in Redondo Beach. I never stayed over, but I have to say there were parts of the ship that were very very uncomfortable. I had to keep turning and looking around me, thinking someone was coming up on me. Your moods change a lot as you go through it which is an indicator you're hitting some energy. I'm hoping to do a post on haunted LA places soon because it's summertime and everyone's vacationing in cities with haunts.