Saturday, June 6, 2009

Perfect Score on Haunting Formula: Ft. Mifflin, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Ft. Mifflin was built in the late 1700s on an island in the Delaware River. It was a defensive spot for the important City of Philadelphia where the Declaration of Independence was written.

Many of you have probably already seen the fantastic season opener that the “Ghost Hunters” show (TAPS) had in this facility. They got some amazing evidence in one of their best finds yet with beautiful haunting EVPs, a human-shaped heat signature beside a stove that appeared hot, a forming mist that moved across the floor and back again, a scurrying dark shape in the tunnels, and a full-body apparition seen by Grant. This place is extremely active.

And it should be.

During my research I’m continuing to do on 50 haunted sites around the US as samples, I’ve come up with a grading score for how haunted a place should be based on its location/geology/makeup.

Ft. Mifflin is a 6 out of 6 score.

1. It is alongside moving water.
2. It is near a railroad track.
3. The land is comprised of sandstone/shale/schist/phyllite.
4. The building is over 50 years old.
5. It carries a history of death/trauma.
6. It is built of stone.

As I begin to uncover more from my research, I’ll review others who have scored a 6 on the scale.


  1. One of my favorite Ghost Hunters shows along with the St. Augustine Lighthouse. I hope they investigate Ft. Mifflin again and maybe on a live show.

  2. If I recall, didn't they do the last halloween one there? Wasn't that the one where Grant's Hoodie kept being pulled and they got that amazingly clear man's voice again (sounded like the same guy who said "the boss wants you to dig it deeper.") The problem is, their Halloween live specials aren't really all that cool. They're really chaotic-way too many people and celebrities. I'd be totally down with it if it were just the regular team and no headquarters and hosts and all that crap. I understand filling 6+ hours would probably be hard if they did that, but honestly having wrestlers and SciFi awful actors joining them--ick!

  3. Way cool grading system with your Haunting Formula. I'll be interested to see the other places that score a 6.

  4. Courtney;
    Thanks. Yeah, I considered extending to include proximity to graveyards and round buildings which do seem to have higher incidences but not consistently enough. Keep you posted!

  5. I agree with Courtney and Mike and Julie-that is one of the few episodes I did manage to see and I think that is a great rating system you have -I will be intensely curious to see what other cities you have-all the best to you as always!!

  6. Since Philadelphia is not that far from here (about a 1 hr. drive) I must take a trip to this place and see for myself.

    Thanks for sharing.

  7. Corker;
    I'll give you a heads up...
    Ft. Mifflin Philly--scores 6 (out of 6)

    Cashtown Inn (Gettysburg) scores a 5 (out of 6)

    Eastern State Penn (Philly)
    4 (out of 6)--except I might give it another point for the fact that it's shaped spoke-like off a circular room which actually makes it more likely to be haunted ("Lighthouse syndrome")

    That was it for Pennsylvania on my list of 50.

    Devin; I'll be adding more of the top ones (6 out of 6 points) in the coming days. Some of them surprised me.

  8. Devin;
    Oh yeah, forgot to mention--try and read the erotic scene that's before this story--I'd like to hear what you think of the Duncan/Maverick encounter.

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  10. You do realize that now I'm gonna be bugging you to see if this methodology can apply to monster sightings as well as hauntings!

  11. Gummerfan;
    That's my next line of there an ideal combination of geology/ancient leylines/food availability that makes an ideal "Bigfoot Highway" up and down the Western US/Canada? Hmm....I guess it would take looking at a map of sightings and checking out the geology and streams (food sources, berries/grasses/fish) that would make a perfect "game trail" for Bigfoot. Ideally, this creature should be trekking along rivers/streams for food, but not living so close them that their young could be hurt by bear or others who use the waterways. Honestly, some folks say he's ape so he wouldn't exist where it winters but he's also a very hefty furry man so, yeah, he probably could live in those climates. You might want to start looking into figure out by his sightings and waterways just where and what time of the year we could highly expect to run into a BF. :-)