Tuesday, June 9, 2009

My Home -- Scores 1/6

I was thinking about places that have no history of hauntings. Like the tract house I live in now. I've certainly done extensive studies of it to find nothing of the paranormal occurring. That made me wonder, what is my score on my haunting scale?

It's a 1.

1. Sedimentary rock.

The house is frame built, less than 50 years old, no history of death/trauma, not near water (I won't count my pool because it really should be moving water coming from a natural source), not near train tracks.

Interesting, huh?


  1. LOL, this would be my place as well.

  2. Yup. I thought that was interesting. I'm going to do random relatives/friends around the country and see how their houses rate--one has an active haunting, the others don't...

  3. when i was between the ages 1 and 8 we lived in a haunted house. it was in a normal neighborhood just south of los angeles. this was in the 60s. i always wondered why it would be haunted. it seem like the least likely place to be so haunted, but it had lots of activity. it was probably built in the 50s, wood frame, but... there were train tracks, maybe 1/2 mile away, there is a river bed (concrete walls built up the sides, like in a flood channel)that leads out to the ocean at Long Beach, this was about 1-2 miles away. There was no death or trauma that I know of. I don't know what the geology in the area is.
    I would love to go back to see if that house is still there and if the current owners have had any experiences, but it's not the best of neighborhoods now a days, so i'll probably not do that.

  4. Sandra;
    I've wondered that as I research California. The makeup of the land isn't that unusual, although it is ideal for hauntings, they also have the factor of the fault lines. It'd probably take more extensive research to see if fault lines produce more haunting activity, but some of the major haunts there are atop of fault lines, so it makes me wonder at the ratio. I'm sure the house famous for "The Entity" haunting didn't meet a lot of the criteria either, except perhaps trains/land/waterways. In fact, if I can find the exact address of that haunting, I might try and punch it in and see what factors it might have had that we aren't aware of, like proximity to a cemetery. The really interesting part will be trying to find a haunted place that's very clearly well documented as haunted, but has little or no features. So far, I just can't find one, but I still have about 1/3 of the places to research. Hopefully together we can all come to some conclusions.

  5. yeah, it is interesting that haunted places have alot of the features you list.
    well your research is very interesting and thanks for doing this work.

  6. I think this would be my condo complex and the individual units inside it!! it was only built in 1981-so yeah in "people time" that is a lot-but in history time it is nothing!! of course i dont know if any units ever had a murder or a suicide in them-and dont know how i would find this out-but my condo-dont know whether to feel thankful or bummed about this seems as dead as a doornail for paranormal activity-except of course for the missing grocery list -i would actually love to see more of that stuff happen as long as it reappears!! best to you as always!!

  7. Devin;
    If you're in the Mesa area you more than likely have nearby train tracks and HoHoKam waterway canals which run over the whole city. You get points for those. The land too is the right composition, so that brings you to a 3. In my scoring so far, a 3-4 means you could be haunted in the future should something dastardly happen there.