Moore Home - Villisca Iowa - Scores 3-1/2 out of 6

Since I still have about 20 places to post, I'll try if I can to put two a day on here. You might have heard of this one referred to as the "Villisca Ax Murder House." In 1912, a mother, father, and six children (some were visiting friends, some were their children), were axed to death inside this house. The murders remain unsolved.

I've heard a lot of publicity on it in recent years, which tells me the owners are trying to make some $ or get some attention (red flags for my skepticism). I was excited to learn more about its history and location, as perhaps I was missing something in the content of its physicality, but it does appear to be rather weak. The main reason is the construction of the home itself which is frame, lack of waterways, and poor geology.

Here's how it scores:

1. Older than 50 years.
2. Site of death and trauma.
3. The ground is a mix of sediment/volcanic--not super strong--give it a half point.
4. It's perhaps a half mile from a train track.

Without waterways, good ground, or a substantially built building, I suspect as I learn more about the actual "proof" of haunting, I will need to nudge this down into the "may never be haunted" realm (1-2), as the conditions just aren't great, although the history is certainly promising. If we're to find out why some places seem to imprint a haunting and some do not, this location may be very helpful in determining the importance of certain features.


  1. I agree Autumnforest about the location could be useful to learn about critical things that "make" a haunting. i was a "visit family"-hopefully this situation will never happen but you have to wonder sometimes-best to you as always and I enjoy this series!!


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