Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Lincoln Theater - Decatur Illinois - Scores 6/6

I'm determined that this week I'll finish putting on my last places of the 50 I'm researching. Once I've put those posts on, we can look at the statistics we've uncovered so far about the physical traits of the places. I say "we" because everyone's enthusiasm makes me feel like we're researching this together. I love getting your input and theories too. Please feel free to make observations.

This one I literally picked from a hat. I had never heard of it, but darn, it has all the physical traits for a good haunting. Here's how its physicality scores:

1. Near train tracks
2. Near waterway.
3. Older than 50 years
4. Two died in a fire there
5. Extremely thick walled reconstruction following the fire--fireproof!
6. Land is sedimentary/Pennsylvanian

I admit I was hesitant because it was reconstructed following the fire, but the construction materials and the use of the same spot, made me decide to give it points for both the deaths and the building construction. Sometimes these things are hard to call, but I suspect the very foundation is undisturbed and that's important so far in these sites I've studied.

Keep following. I should be putting two on a day at least.

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  1. Humm . . . is this place not where John Dillenger was shot by the Police back in the 30's? Maybe I'm wrong.