Saturday, June 13, 2009

Lemp Mansion - St. Louis, MO - Scores 6/6

Continuing my research on commonalities between sites that become haunted, I scored up the Lemp Mansion which is nowadays an Inn and Restaurant.

This is how this site scored:
1. The land is limestone/shale.
2. The building has a stone foundation.
3. It's close to a railroad track.
4. It's close to a waterway.
5. It's older than 50 years (1868).
6. It has a history of death including a few suicides.

In my studies, St. Louis has stood out as an interesting city. I'm hoping to soon publish a list of some cities that rate high on the haunted scale--not just for the stories told of haunted places, but for their physical properties. I'd like to see this place some day. I get a distinct feeling from places where there was a lot of anguish, such as suicide and hospitals where there was suffering. I get the distinct feeling they offer more haunting experiences than sites where someone was murdered quickly without having time to realize their fate.

Continue to watch for more locations until I've finished all 50 sites.


  1. This sounds like a wonderful Haunt Jaunt and I will have our friends take us there when we do get to visit them!

  2. Courtney;
    I'd be anxious to hear what you pick up from the site. It's seen plenty of mental anguish which is really a good precipitator.