Tuesday, June 23, 2009

John Stone Inn - Ashland Massachusetts - Scores 6/6

It was not perhaps one of the most memorable episodes of "Ghost Hunters" but I might strike your memory if I remind you that the men used their Roto-Rooter device to check out an underground railroad tunnel and Brian found a bloody children's gown in the attic. They weren't able to call it haunted from their few hours spent there, but they did get an interesting shadow figure and a voice on EVP, as well as a significant temperature drop.

This site is ideal for a haunting by the formula:

1. Built in 1832.
2. Deaths associated with it including a child. Underground railroad.
3. Stone foundation.
4. Land is slate/sandstone/quartzite.
5. Near a train track.
6. Near a waterway.

This is another ideal location and the more I find places noted for hauntings, the more I find the really notable ones have all these features. I still need to finish a few more sites and then I can go on to study how much proof of haunting they have to decide if they're weak haunters with weak locations or strong haunters with strong locations or if these things correlate.

Continue to follow the other interesting sites to come.

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