Friday, June 19, 2009

Geology of Hauntings

(Notice the red dots on the top map that show the places I'm researching)

Here’s an overview of geololgy from Wikipedia:

“Three rock types; igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic.

Igneous is formed by lava. Ninety-five percent of the earth’s crust, but in most places is covered over by metamorphic and sedimentary rock.

Metamorphic rock is gneiss, slate, marble, schist, and quartzite, created under high temperatures and pressure and make up a large part of the earth’s crust. These are made up of preexisting rocks that transform under extreme pressure and heat.

Sedimentary rock is formed by deposition and consolidation of mineral and organic material and from precipitation of minerals from solution. The processes that form sedimentary rock occur at the surface of the Earth and within bodies of water. They contain fossils. Rock formed from sediments covers 75-80% of the Earth's land area, and includes common types such as limestone, chalk, dolostone, sandstone, clay, conglomerate, some types of breccia, and shale. Compositionally simple sedimentary rocks, such as quartz, sandstone, and limestone (calcite) do not change composition with metamorphism - their chemistry is too simple.”

From the three maps above, you can tell what parts of the US have each kind of rock. It’s intriguing to me, because I’m having a hard time finding much in the way of hauntings in the igneous (lava) areas that are red on the map. Occasionally, in mining areas, I’ve found some good clusters of hauntings, but overall these are not highly haunted areas. The sedimentary (orange) areas have the majority of hauntings and the metamorphic areas seem to have some super-powered areas and are often associated with poltergeist activity, as well (I wonder if this is because limestone, sandstone, and quartz can't be altered as stated above)?

It’s still too early in the research to make assumptions about geology’s role in hauntings, but it is very interesting. I want to do more comparisons with fault lines too.

I went to sleep last night wondering about something and looking for correlations. Hubby had a hard day and I gave him a foot massage which always relaxes him. I was wondering about feet. Why do they carry the weight of our bodies and yet are still highly ticklish and sensitive? Why, when you rub someone’s feet, does his entire body feel completely relaxed as if you’d massaged him all over? Why, when you’re hot or cold you should uncover your feet or cover your feet to change your body’s temperature? You know the term "he was very grounded?" Was that a light reference to the feet's connection to the Earth?

It had me wondering about something we’d talked about in my post about haunted kitchens. Is it possible that the feet are the source for gathering environmental information and imparting it to the mind? Does the act of walking on ground tell us about the energy of that ground? Fuel us? Give us vibes from the Earth? Of course, once I get an idea into my head, I have to try it out, so next time I’m at a haunted site, I’m going to do it barefoot (carefully, of course, not in a nail-ridden rickety floor). I use my hands to read objects, but now I’m wondering, just how sensitive are the feet? Does their connection to earth mean something? Does the house’s connection to the ground, both of them being stone foundations mean something?

As always, I’d love to hear your theories on such things. It helps me to come up with new ways to test theories.


  1. Very interesting thoughts on the feet. I'd never thought about that way. You can draw out toxins and a fever through them. You can relieve pain and release stressand like you said, regulate body temperture, which are all physical changes. so if would be interesting to see if the feet can do other things on a different level. I'll think about that one.

  2. Sandra;
    Yeah, it's really interesting to me because I had ruptured my Achilles tendon and last summer I had surgery to repair it (the worst thing in the world to recover from!) I'm still hobbling when I'm barefoot, but in heels, I walk nicely. The bottom of the feet continue to be numb and it's very weird to walk and it's also strange because I feel as if my entire being is affected by this foot's lack of sensitivity. I massage it and it doesn't relax me like the other foot. Hmm... Well, it's definitely made me think that besides using my hands to read an environment, I will start using my feet too. I'm curious just how much info I get through them. I hope to do a read on a room with just standing in a spot and not touching anything, then take my shoes off and see if I read more.

  3. I find that theory of the feet interesting too. Myself and others have had pains that may start at another part of the body but end up traveling down to the feet, then disappear. It's like it jumped off the end of the toes and out the body. I would like to see if you do get any sensations doing an investigation barefooted.

  4. Mike/Julie;
    Yeah, I might be going on a house call soon and I'll be sure to try it there. :-)

  5. there are charts of feet showing how certain areas, when rubbed, effect other parts of our body. feed have high concentrations of nerve endings which is why they are so sensitive. also, as we age and gain weight the tendons that connect our feet to our legs relax and stretch which causes our shoe size to increase and causes us to start out the day slower than when we were young! i am always barefoot. i garden in my are feet. i am a very elemental person and very connected to the earth and i feel everything through my feet. i have stepped out of cabs in new cities and felt almost an electrical shock shoot through my feet and up my legs when it is a place i really connect with. i have always suspected these were places i lived in previous lives. that is exactly what being well grounded means. having both feet on the ground..knowing what is going on. being aware!

  6. Jaz;
    Yup. Originally, I rubbed hubby's feet to press on the lower back and sinus points for him, then we found out it just felt like the entire body went when you rub them, so we just rub the entire feet now and spend a little time on the pressure points. Reflexology says that they do correlate with parts of the body, and admittedly, if you press on the bottoms of your toes, your sinuses usually open up. I think that those of us tied to the earth (I'm Virgo)tend to want to go barefoot. It might be we just haven't realized what "being grounded" really involves.