Saturday, June 27, 2009

Feng Shui - Ghost Away

Compare the two places above—which seems more likely to be haunted?

Whether one believes in the efficacy of Feng Shui or not, the guidelines of this Asian practice do help to create a living space that lifts the mood and seems to chase away bad thoughts. If you ever wonder why closets, basements, and attics are more haunted than other parts of the house, this could be based on the yin (dark/female) and yan (light/male) rules. Why else do you suppose ghost hunting takes place in the nighttime more often than not? Whether we realize it or not, the darkness is an ideal cloak for secrecy and hiding. Bringing things “out into the light” makes them impossible to avoid, both figuratively and literally (good lesson in life).

What can you do to make your home have more yan and less yin? Very simple. Add light. Open blinds and windows, use warm colors indoors and outdoors for decorating, and try not to leave any corners dark or cluttered. If you’ve ever been to a house with tons of chatzki’s, you know how uncomfortable, dark, cluttered, and musty the place feels. It seems to almost breed disease and depression. Too much busy-ness causes the entire home to feel scattered, manic, and creates lots of places to block energy from circulating through. In dark corners of a room, use a mirror to help bring light into the space, keep blinds open, pick up clutter and things that block natural pathways in the house. If you can’t manipulate around, neither can psychic energy which remains trapped.

I personally like to add lots of references to nature, whether it’s pine cones, geods, sea shells, or branches from a tree. The warm colors from nature, the light, and the nature references calm the humans, as well as the spirits. This might also be a reason why house renovations can stir up so much activity in haunted homes. The very active of moving a wall, bringing in light, changing this, makes it impossible to continue inhabiting that space.

Just take a walk through your home and look at the cold, dark, cluttered spaces, look at the pathways, look at perpetually closed off doorways. The rules of Feng Shui help the living as much as the dead. It simply makes for a better mental state, more energy, and more success. There are even different quadrants of the house that represent different parts of your life and difficult colors that empower those parts of your life such as success and family. This is a truly interesting practice with very practical applications.

If you’d like to learn more about Feng Shui in general, there’s a lot of information out there. I’d recommend checking out this site. I found it to be simple and easy to follow.


  1. Yeah, I like light and bright. Always have. I'm not one for hauntings, thank you very much. ;)

  2. we are remodeling our house and we're doing it ourselves so it's taking forever. so we have a lot of clutter around and it's very depressing!
    once i'm in the position to decorate and furnish the house i am totally using feng shui. i've already painted some of the rooms in colors according to the bagua map and am using the appropriate colors and elements in decorating as well.
    great post!

  3. Not really far behind in the past i did n't believe in Feng shui! I used to say that it could n't make a difference in western civilisation. But i proved myself wrong. You see we used to have a spare bedroom smaller that we used as a computer room. I thought it would be a nice change to take our bedroom there because it had more light in the morning(eastern room). After we did that we stopped fighting. And we used to fight more than twice a day! Coincidense? I think not! We are happier now, we do not fight and i have less nightmares!
    You reminded me i want to learn more about feng shui! Blessings!

  4. Wow. This was a neat way too apply feng shui to hauntings. I love how you present things. You're always giving me something new to think about!

  5. Thanks ya'all. Glad that I could get you thinking about it. The principles of Feng Shui really are rather commonsense for focusing your energy and power into what your priorities are. I didn't think too much about it either until I started ghost hunting and noticing that places like round lighthouses where energy is constantly circular, tend to be more haunted and the more houses I investigated, the more I realized the biggest issues were in the most yan houses. Also, it appeared as if spirits travelled natural pathways like roads/hallways. Keeping them open and clear seemed to just help move things along. The more I do my study on 50 haunted places, the more I realize the physicality of them is really important and it should be the same in a home. I can do simple things like hang up a painting of the forest facing me at night and have dreams of the woods or when I used to hang a mirror over the head of the bed, I had travelling dreams. I was so exhausted in the morning, that I moved the mirror. It was opposing the doorway and that mean the chi could bounce back and forth from the doorway into the mirror and back again so it was like living under a power line. Hee hee :-)

  6. When we decided to get rid of our carpet and replace it with tile, all the clutter went with the carpet. I still think more things can go, so I am currently working on it. It made a huge difference in how our rooms look, much much better. I love having the windows open, bringing in all the sunshine and there is plenty of it here in Phx.