Sunday, June 7, 2009

Eureka Springs Crescent Hotel - Scores 5/6

The Crescent Hotel in Eureka Springs, Arkansas was built in 1886. In the late 1930s, a man named Norman Baker claimed to have a cure for cancer and opened his "hospital" in what is the Crescent Hotel where many sad folks died waiting for a cure that was a hoax. Authorities figured out the hoax and closed him down in 1939, after two years of his hokey treatments and many deaths.

You might recall the episode of "Ghost Hunters" that was done at this hotel. They captured an amazing full-body apparition on their Flir camera, wearing a cadet's hat and looking to glance up and down. That was such an interesting episode, that I had to include the Crescent Hotel in my research.

Here's how it grades (5 out of 6 score) The only thing it was missing was a nearby railroad track:
1. Older than 50 years.
2. Made of stone.
3. Associated with death/trauma.
4. Near springs.
5. The land is made of sandstone/sediment.

When I'm finally done scoring, it'll be interesting to delve into the factors in the hauntings; i.e. how much evidence is there of a haunting there? What kind of haunting attributes does it have? Then, eventually I should be able to compare places with similar haunting types to see if they have any physical similarities. Of course, like I say, there's no way to say if it's the chicken or the egg. Were these conditions common in earlier homes that have seen more events and more chances of hauntings or do hauntings occur in places with these physical attributes? This is really fun and interesting research.

Thanks for keeping up with the scorings. Oh, and a 5 or a 6 would make a place "super haunting magnets" by my standards.


  1. There you have it, Autumn! The world renowned Eureka Springs Crescent Hotel completely fulfills the formula for a classic haunting … plus, all of the "emotional" effluvia that've been generated within its walls.

    Ace citation, lass,
    Anadæ Effro (•:-)}

  2. Yes, I do remember that Ghost Hunting eppy. This place has an interesting history, no doubt causing some of the paranormal activity.

  3. I'm glad you've been referencing the Ghost Hunter episodes and what they found. Except for a few that really stand out, I seem to get te places confused or forget the names. (Stanley Hotel, St. Augustine Lighthouse, Myrtles Plantation, Eastern State Penitentiary, Waverly...those are some of the places I have a hard time forgetting the names of!)