Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Devil's Promenade -- Strange Phenomenon

Quite by accident I was researching one of the 50 locations and came across a place called “Devil’s Promenade” and as I just wrote a post about “Skinwalker Ranch,” this really caught my eye with some very strange similarities:

In Northeast Oklahoma, there’s a dirt road. For over a century people have reported seeing an orange orb traveling a roadway called by locals “Devil’s Promenade.” This light was apparently first seen by Native Americans (much like phenomenon found at Skinwalker Ranch). This light is anywhere from the size of a baseball to a basketball. It hovers and speeds along and skims the trees or stays just above the roadway. Even the Army Corp of Engineers has studied this phenomenon, as well as countless others. There have been the usual talked about culprits like swamp gas and natural gas escaping, but no one has come up with an actual explanation. As it is also atop a fault line, some folks have come to the conclusion that it might be rocks rubbing against each other and making an electrical charge.

In any event, this is a really interesting phenomenon and it makes me start to wonder if, along with my desire to check out geology, I could be checking out where Native American settlements were and where fault lines run. It will take a lot of layering maps, but I think in the end I might come across some sort of commonality between these interesting things from ghosts to strange lights.

If anyone else knows of other places with such strange phenomenon, let me know.


  1. Very interesting Autumnforest -i hadnt heard of this one-have you ever heard of the Marfa lights? I think they are in Texas dont know a great deal about them -something I heard from a relative ages ago in the 80s i think Unsolved Mysteries which I used to love did an episode on them-for scariest movie man that is a hard one in some ways for me The Shining really got to me and a movie called Jacobs Ladder with Tim Robbins -and Dont Look Now in the seventies with Donalad Sutherland but there have been many many more -The Eye an asian horror movie got to me-best to you as always!!

  2. meant to say I thought the Omen was utterly silly and almost laughed-dont know why it just struck me as absurd-sorry for the mulitple comment so fast:)

  3. Devin;
    Yes, I forgo about the Marfa Lights and those are pretty well know. I guess that's the next post. Thanks! I saw The Omen when I was like 13. I snuck in. I remember being so horrified that I cried as my friend's brother drove me down my scary tree lined street to my scary house. I think The Haunting scared me the most the first time I saw it, but The Omen actually horrified me. I think it was the whole thing with the dogs in the graveyard part and the sinister nanny and the scary dog and her hanging herself in front of everyone, and the priest with the pictures all over his walls and the lightning striking the pole...I wish it scared me that much now. I actually think it's a rather boring movie now that I'm older. Weird how age changes things.

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  5. Actually, what you describe is Spook Light. Devil's Promenade is a bridge you cross to get there and legend has it that two native american teenagers from different tribes were in love. Their parents disagreed (Romeo & Juliet?) They jumped off Lover's Leap together and died. If you cross Devil's Promenade 3 times after midnight, you can hear a splash in the river below.