Monday, June 1, 2009

Cities That Must Be Haunted

What a strange title, huh?

Well, I’m still plugging on with my research about commonalities in hauntings. From what I've seen so far, some cities around the country have all the right elements to have a higher percentage of hauntings than other cities. I can postulate that these cities should report more incidents of hauntings than other cities of similar size/population. There are lot more cities that could be included than these below, but they're a sampling of cities that show promise for "haunted stew."

Pittsburgh, PA (combination of sandstone/shale, railroad tracks, and waterways)
Atchison, KS (combination of limestone/shale, tons of railroad tracks, river)
Charleston, SC (combination of sedimentary rock/sandstone, railroad tracks, waterways)
Chicago, IL (combination of limestone/shale, tons of railroad tracks, water)
San Francisco, CA (combination of sandstone/sediment, tons of tracks, waterways)
Savannah, GA (combination of sandstone/limestone, tons of tracks, waterways)
Minneapolis, MN (combination of sandstone/shale, tons of tracks, waterways)

What I get so far from this research is that there appears to be ideal conditions for a haunting in the content of the land and the content of the building, but also in the events that occurred there. You can imagine that Savannah would be much more haunted than say Minneapolis just for the sort of history it’s seen, but my next question as I continue to research is…

Can a place have a traumatic history but none of the conditions and still be haunted???

I will continue my observations as I learn more.


  1. Where do any Arizona cities or towns rate?

  2. Interesting project! May I suggest you read the last few chapters of Loren Coleman's "Mothman and Other Curious Encounters". While it deals more with general phenomena than hauntings, he lists such factors as dates, seasons, even the names of places in which strange events have ocurred. It may give you some more data to factor into you research.

  3. I haven't done all the AZ cities yet, but I have so far; Flagstaff, Tucson, Mesa, and Globe.

    Gummerfan; Thanks for the heads-up. I think that's probably one of the only books of his I haven't read. There are so many things I could include like high tension wires and microwave dishes and other things that could potentially turn something more easily haunted than it might have been originally. I wonder how many of our modern-day influences could be fueling the fire. I've always noticed a correlation with train tracks and waterways, but I've also noted such things as roadways and hallways and other passages humans often take, which could include things like wagontrain paths and ferry routes too. Exciting stuff.

  4. My word Autumn-you have been busy!!! great as always-I have often wondered about Hiroshima and Nagasaki-those who died in the blasts were so suddenly taken away from life-but I have never read anything to that effect-whereas I have read short blurbs in Fortean Times magazine (old issues-I dont even think they sell them here anymore unless there is a place that does I am unaware of-the last issue I bought was march of 2008) that had hauntings posted from news agencies about New orleans after Katrina and cities that were hit by that horrible tsunami back in 2004-best to you as always-and great detective work here!! I like how you put things out there with hey these are the possiblilities-instead of being like this is the one and only theory that works!!

  5. Hey Devin;
    I wondered the same thing with Hiroshima and Nagasaki, as well as Indonesia and India and other places of mass disaster. The locals in most of these areas do report hauntings and it's always hard to differentiate if that is because of their loss and living in the shell of the once live cities that makes hauntings seem the obvious outcome to them or if there is more haunting in such situations. I've found that in the case of most popular accounted hauntings the folks didn't die to instantly that they didn't know what was happening. I think the mind has a way of turning off and leaving when you die instantly whereas some of your consciousness in one manner or another clings to life if it takes longer to die. The very awareness of dying might actually aid in a haunting. But, this is of course all part of "ghost hunting theories." I'm almost done with geology of all the sites and am ready to move on to finding the hard evidence of hauntings of these sites so I can grade just how haunted they are by how much legitimate proof they have. The fun will come when I compare how "prove-ably" haunted they are with how much their environment has the qualities that should make an ideal haunting. I'm tinkering with a formula already so that you can punch in your own factors and see if you have a good chance of a haunting in a location. It would be interesting to have folks start using it and see how accurate it is...

  6. That's so interesting ! This is book writting material girl!

  7. Wow. And I thought I was taking on a task with building my website of Haunt Jaunts, but Lots of research. EXCEPT it's very interesting and something I wondered myself, because some cities DO seem to have more activity than others and what it if was because of the commonalities you're looking for? It's really interesting what you're doing.