Thursday, June 18, 2009

Chateau Marmont - Hollywood - Scores 3/6

Chateau Marmont, as pointed out to me by Devin, was the site of John Belushi's death. Built in 1927, this huge hillside resort has little bungalows (one of which John met his untimely drug overdose death). It also saw the death of a famous fashion photographer in 2004 when Helmut Newton crashed his car in the driveway. Lots of countless stars have gone to find solace in this tucked away place following divorces, separations, and bombed movies. It seems as if it should have a fantastic set of circumstances for a haunting. I admit that when it comes to Hollywood hauntings, in general, I'm a little suspicious. None of us like to see our stars die, so often times we keep them alive this way. I seriously doubt John would want to haunt the hotel, more than likely it'd be the set for Saturday Night Live in New York.

This site has a few things going for it and here's how it's broken down in score:
1. Older than 50 years.
2. Death associated with it.
3. Land is sedimentary rock.

There is no water or train track nearby.

Building construction--questionable as to the exact construction of this building, but as it was built originally to be earthquake proof, we can make an assumption that the hotel itself is well fortified. The bungalows, however, were built by an architect whose style did not promote stone use for construction, but more modern styling with some having a very Cape Cod cottage feel. I can't give his bungalow a point for construction because of its questionable composition and doubtful stone content.

I have to admit that on cursory examination of reports of hauntings there, there's not much in the way of any solid evidence which made me think that this would have a low score. It's not a totally dud score, as a 3-4 can show evidence of haunting in the future should more occurrences happen there to give the place more of a body of tragic history.

Note: Much of the formula will be altered as I finish my research and comparisons. I hope to find out just how much weight a building's construction holds, how much train tracks or waterways contribute, et cetera.

Keep watching for more.


  1. Unfortunately i can not participate at the poll. I do not watch horror movies. I actually scream! lol

  2. You do? Yeah, I do admit that when a horror movie is graphic, I close my eyes, sometimes cover my ears during the nasty parts. There's some things I really don't need to have ground into my mind before bedtime. I guess it says something how good special effects and makeup are nowadays in movies.

  3. I like the idea of your quilted crystal dream envelope. That sounds like a great idea. I'll have to try it. :)

  4. Thanks for doing Chateau Marmont Autumnforest!! I wasn't sure if there was much on it or not and apparently not in the way of hauntings -I am like you on the face of it I think it would be a cool place for them-I will try to get caught up on your other articles soon-best to you as always!!

  5. Despite the lack of solid evidence - Chateau Marmont would be an ideal place for a haunting - secluded, rich history, steeped in tragedy. I think your score gets it spot on.

  6. Devin;
    Glad you liked it. I'd like to think John's hanging around his old buddies like Robert DeNiro, not some bungalow where he was last seen with a questionable woman who helped him over the edge.

    Thanks. Yeah, I agree. When reading about the stars who've stayed there during hard times in their lives and the crazy rock band parties and such...I think the place should work its way into a haunt. With the waterways and train tracks, I'm not sure how much those play a role. As I do more research, I guess we'll find out.

  7. I have stayed there several times and will tell you the staff is very close-mouthed about the haunted factor. The hotel is VERY haunted, I had a waitress tell me some freaky stories. Her friend had to leave in the middle of the night because she was being tormented by many ghosts in her room. This waitress scared me with the way her friend explained to her how crazy and restless the spirits are there !

  8. I was there and I felt spirit all over the place. It was a very scary place to be. The first night was the worst night I checked out the next day and went to a different

  9. I stayed in room 27 and I felt the presence of a man in the room. I previously had NO idea that it was supposedly haunted. I felt the weight of him on top of me, ad a sense of impending doom. I then spoke to him and asked him to move away and then he tuned to the side, in the foetal position. I was grateful he didn't hard me and that he believed me when I told him I meant him no harm. Freaked me out.

    1. Hi Charl, did you happen to be in Helmut Newton's room on the second floor? If you are facing the elevators it would be all the way down the hall to the left. It's the room he always stayed in, and apparently very haunted. I have been staying there for years.