Thursday, June 25, 2009

Cashtown Inn - Cashtown, PA - Scores 5/6

So, if you've watched "Ghost Hunters" you saw a pretty good episode where the team went to this location. They were able to get the sound of booted footsteps (identical to what I heard my entire childhood) and captured a picture frame on a dresser moving--very exciting!

The Cashtown Inn in Cashtown, PA was originally a stagecoach stop. Later, during the Civil War, it was used as a Confederate headquarters and supposedly a field hospital. I relate to the feel of their place, as I grew up in a Civil War field hospital used by both the North and South. The sound of the footsteps really got the hair raising on my neck during that episode.

There are reasons to think this place really is genuinely haunted. I hope to collect the "hard" evidence of haunting found by other teams, but for now I'll settle for the physicality which is promising. Here's how it scores:

1. Brick construction.
2. Over 50 years old.
3. Death/trauma associated.
4. Stream nearby.
5. Geology: Shale/sandstone.

Keep watching, more locations coming. I did try purposely to pick a lot of good GH ("Ghost Hunters")locations to make comparisons with what they found and the physicality. Thanks for following the progress.


  1. I love watching Ghost Hunters. Do you know of any great places in Phoenix to go? I found you on MySpace and then wandered onto your blog....trying to put together a Ghost Hunting party for my friends birthday, but we are looking for an experienced person to show us the ropes. Know of anyone here in Phoenix that hosts ghost hunting parties?

  2. I don't know of any place here in the "conservative" Phoenix area that would allow ghost hunting parties. I do know the George and Dragon pub downtown is haunted (can attest to that) and they are open-minded about the fact. You might not get a lot of action during running hours. I'm actually planning a ghost hunting themed Halloween party in my backyard with a super mock cemetery and a theme of "dancing in the graveyard." That's about the best way to get the atmosphere without the hassles. There's no cemeteries locally that'll let you in after dark, though you can sneak into some, you certainly couldn't have a party. If you don't mind taking the party out of town a ways, you could go to Gila Bend--UFO cafe and one of the hottest UFO spots in the area or perhaps Casa Grande where ghosts are seen frequently at Casa Grande Mountain, though I'm not sure how late the park is left open. There's some businesses that don't mind that they're haunted, others that have a stick up their butt like Hotel San Carlos downtown who refuses ghost hunters, but when they can get a big Halloween event, suddenly becomes haunted again. If you wanted to go out of town and have a ghosting get together in a hotel room, I'd suggest renting Abby's Room at Hotel Vendome in Prescott. You can't beat the mood and it has some weird action. Vulture mines are always creepy for atmosphere, but not much for partying. If this is just a local b-day party with a ghost hunting theme, I think I'd consider the Landmark Restaurant in Mesa which is haunted. It is delightfully creepy feeling too and more than likely a manager who knows you're putting together a party would be happy to tell you the stories of the ghosts in this old Mormon temple/school. Other than that, probably just the atmosphere of Rawhide or Goldfield ghost town in Mesa which has a creepy desert drive and a restaurant/bar with tons of old west attitude. I have yet to find much open-mindedness in this conservative state with regards to loving its dark history, except when you go to Tombstone (another suggestion). Hope that helps and let me know how it goes-would love to see pic's.

  3. A few years back, my Wife and I had toured Gettsyburg and on the way back to our Hotel we stopped by this famous Hotel and had some lunch.

    It still looks the same as it did before. We had a real nice lunch there, but there was never any mention by the Staff that the place is so haunted. There are a few pictures that are on the wall's that have some strange photo's of Spirits from the past. I never did see the episode from Ghost Hunters. Would have liked to see that one.

  4. Corker;
    Yeah, you have the luck of being located in a great part of the US to see a lot of historic sites and a great deal of them are proud of their spirits. You might see if you can find that episode online, but every now and then on a Wednesday they have a marathon of the show played on SciFi and you can get some of the episodes there. What really got my goosebumps going was the very distinct sound of a booted heel hitting the floor and rolling to the toe and then stepping off over and over again--that's something I heard a lot growing up. The picture frame that moved was pretty neat--it started to scoot in one direction (turning) on the dresser top and then turned some more, as if someone sitting in the chair nearby was turning it to look at it. They picked that up on nightvision camera in the bedroom and the investigator heard the sound and walked over there but in the dark couldn't tell what it was until he played back the tape. Keep going to those awesome historic sites. Something might just try to get your attention.