Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Bunnyman Bridge, Clifton, VA: A Perfect Score!

I'm still continuing my research and came up with a way to identify the key factors that seem to be common in a majority of hauntings. There are six features to account for; within a mile of a train track, within a mile of streams/rivers/ocean, geology of sedimentary rock/shale/limestone/sandstone, structure made of stone, age more than 50 years, and a death/traumatic event associated with it. The best possible score is 6. So far in the 10 of the 50 haunted places sampling I've finished researching, the Bunnyman Bridge in Clifton, VA is the first to get a perfect score.

The Bunnyman Bridge sits upon land that is made up of sandstone/shale. It is older than 50 years. It is a train track bridge. It is close to a stream. It is built of stone and concrete. It has had deaths associated with it in that some children slaughtered there. The perfect formula for a haunting.

The questions that arise from my research are these:

Do certain conditions make fate lean towards traumatic events in that location?

Does a location have a water supply which brings man there, who builds stone homes long ago, lives many generations, gets caught up in wars and death, have train tracks built there to accommodate the new population, and these lands with water are generally in old flood plains where there is shale/limestone and such?

If we can prove that these conditions are ideal for hauntings, then why?

As you can see, the mystery continues. I will give you more teasers coming up during the week as I learn more.

For more info on the Bunnyman Bridge, you can look here for a great account.

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