Friday, June 26, 2009

Bullock Hotel - Deadwood, South Dakota - Scores 5/6

I had a fun time trying to find western haunted sites in the upper middle west like Idaho, Wyoming, North and South Dakota. The land is more often than not reported as haunted and not the buildings. I did come across this one that caught my eye.

The Bullock Hotel in Deadwood South Dakota was the creation of the sheriff Bullock in the 1870s. It is reportedly haunted by his ghost (however, he did not die there).

Here's how this one stacks up point-wise:
1. Made of sandstone blocks from local quarry (strong)
2. Land is sandstone, limestone, shale.
3. Older than 50 years.
4. Near a stream.
5. Near a train track.

The only thing missing is death/trauma. This is important because as I learn more and continue to research, I'll be able to determine just how important that feature is to the haunting or whether a ghost can haunt that didn't die there. That's a huge question in the industry and I'd like to finally clarify that. Locations such as this one help my research immensely.

Continue to watch, I hope to pop on two a day until I'm done soon. Then, I can come back and compare their actual "hard" proof of haunting score with their physicality score and we can start to see trends and maybe come to some conclusions. I encourage everyone following to give their two-cents worth (I never thought I'd live in a time period when that term actually is indicative of the economy). After all, this is a ghost hunting theories blog.

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