Sunday, June 14, 2009

Bell Witch Cave - Adams Tennessee - Scores 6/6 +++

Wow, sometimes when I'm researching, I find conditions that are so ripe, it makes me wonder if traumatic things happen because of the conditions -- like some kind of physics fate, or if when bad things happen there, they're destined to haunt the place. Bell Witch Cave completely surprised me. I remember hearing about it as a kid in Virginia. It was one of my goals to go there and prove it's totally not haunted. I was skeptical. There's folklore legend of witchcraft and then there's genuinely haunted sites like where I grew up at Aspen Grove. In my young mind, they were vastly different. I didn't think Bell Witch Cave deserved to be haunted.

Boy, was I wrong!

Anyone who's heard the legend of the Bell Witch understands the basic mechanics of it. A creepy old lady long ago cursed her neighbor and many think she poisoned him, as well. She vowed to continue to haunt the family and apparently from reports, she did just that. It was believed that not only did she haunt the family's log cabin, but also the cave on the property which many came to believe was her "portal." I'm beginning to believe the portal theory. Now, I'm determined on my next trip East to try and step foot in this cave to feel the conditions for myself. The human body does a wonderful job of picking up on strange energies, pathways, leylines...

Here's how this cave measures up:
1. The land is limestone.
2. The cave is on a bluff at the river's edge.
3. The cave is very old (duh)
4. The cave is associated with death because above it there is a Native American burial mound. In fact, the story goes that a Native American woman's bones were buried in the limestone in the cave and some people dug them up and had bad luck, leaving locals with the belief that if you take anything from the cave, you're cursed.
5. There is a railroad track not far.
6. The cave is made of limestone.

When you add in the conditions of a cave which is of a circular pattern, the limestone which is very strongly related with hauntings, the running river below, and the Native American burial mound, yeah, why wouldn't this be a portal? I would think this is the perfect mix for something that has an energy flow that goes wildly in and out of it nonstop, perhaps even feeding the river, which might explain why locals think the whole town is haunted.

I give this place a score of 6/6 +++ because of the extra factors such as the cave being made of limestone and the Native American burial ground. Sometimes, there are "sacred" places that have a lot of the right elements. I'm sure folks feel that a lot in Great Britain amongst the stone ruins, others feel it in the dark woods of Germany, and other still in the mountainous regions of Turkey, but here in America there are quite a few of our own power points and they aren't just obvious places like Sedona, Arizona, the Grand Canyon, and the Black Hills of the Dakotas. There's more subtle ones that just as powerful. I'm getting closer to knowing what the commonalities are. I can't wait to learn more.

Hope you continue the adventure with me.


  1. I'm trying to catch up with your posting. I love what you have been doing.
    I've been so sick with a bad cold that I think I'll just have to break down and go to the doctor tomorrow. :(

  2. Wow! Creeeeepy! Cages are scary on their own, if you add haunting in the equasition..brrrr! By the way i am sorry about your sisters. I hope they recovered!

  3. Sandra;
    Hope you get better soon! Head colds can turn into nasty sinus infections and bronchitis and then it's time to see the doc.

    Greekwitch; Thanks. Unfortunately, my one sister took to drugs/alcohol/cigarettes when she gave up bulimia--it's always a tradeoff when folks are addicted, one addiction for another compulsion. My oldest sister died after having gastric bypass and tummy tuck--abdominal adhesions. My oldest brother had anorexia and still has weird eating issues-kind of OCD. I'm glad I was the baby cause watching them all having issues taught me what NOT to do. There's always something good in the bad.

  4. I think of this haunting a lot. There's a historical marker about 2miles from our house for John Bells birthplace. It tells a little about his life and what he did, but doesn't mention the Bell Witch! However, I also attended a ghost hunting class where the teacher said she'd investigated the cave and was not convinced it was haunted. She was disappointed with the people who ran the cave tours because she was trying to explain that a lot of the "apparitions" people capture with their cameras can be explained (as she recreated herself) from people's hot brreath combining with the cooler air of the cave upon first entering. Something to keep in mind for if you do go there....

  5. Enjoying reading your articles.

  6. Courtney;
    Yeah, I have to agree, the elements are all there, but whether this is related to the Bell Witch or perhaps the burial mounds would be the big question. Lots of folks have cashed in on that property and it's hard to say if something trampled on every day is going to be active. It's the times when it's silent at night that you can sometimes get the best stuff. You don't see a lot on tours of historic sites, but then you send a team in at night when the place is closed and it comes to life. I'd like to see if this place is like that--it certainly has all the elements for a good haunt site.

  7. This is so fascinating to me, Especially because I've been so fascinated with Spirits and Hauntings for quite some time now. If only I could have had the old post from my old blog (it got messed up) you might be able to have helped me there :-p
    I think I've been having some supernatural phenomenons but.... Of course, that's just me.

    Sorry for the rant :-p

    But As to the Summer Solstice: I'd be all for a dip in a pool, if I had a pool out back as well :-p After reading your post and putting everything together I think I might go to the beach and relax there for the day. Sure It'll be busy (Fathers day as well :-p) so It won't be like I can strictly sit there and be at COMPLETE peace... but... it'll definately come together for me. :)
    Thank you for the words of advice, and I'm glad to have you as a follower :-p
    Blessed Be!

  8. This has been a great series Autumnforest!! i had heard of the Bell Witch before-have you ever heard of a place called Skinwalker Ranch? coastocoast used to do some things about it-it also seemed like a portal type place if what was being said was true-great stuff as always and I am enhjoying this series very much all the best!!

  9. Sarah;
    Glad to find your blog. It's fun finding other people in similar mindsets. The beach sounds like a perfect idea, especially if you're there as the longest day ends itself. Lucky you--we have lots of sand in Arizona, but not one ocean! It's unfair! :-)

  10. Hey, Autumn! Another interesting post! If I may pick your brain: Would you consider applying your formula to the "Skinwalker Ranch" made famous in the book Hunt For The Skinwalker?
    It isn't your classic haunting, but there are accounts of all kinds of strangeness in the region and I'm curious to see how you'd rate it.

  11. Gummerfan;
    Sure--I have a space open. I had one entry in my list of 50 that was a famously haunted city--but no actual mention of haunted buildings. Can't apply the score to something that doesn't have an exact location. Thanks for the heads up.

  12. This is a great blog, and this is my favorite subject. I recently visited the Bell Witch Cave and it does deserve to be classified "haunted". If you're interested in reading my blog about the visit, (and other paranormal experiences) you can check it out Hope to see you there, and hope you get to go inside the Bell Witch Cave.

  13. I can't wait to read more. I love caves and the natural aspect of the earth makes things much more real to me on terms of haunts and scariness. Maybe one day they will convert it to tennessee haunted houses or caves of some sort. Keep the limestone though.

  14. Helmet;
    I'm glad you found this post and what a timing! I am just finishing up writing a post about caves and why they may be the most haunted places in the world.