Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Alcatraz - San Francisco, CA - Scores 5/6

This is the third one today and I'm done for the day. We should be done with these 50 places very soon and I can show you the statistics. I can't believe I'm doing this kind of research because I hate math, but I love the subject, so I'll plug away at it.

Alcatraz is a perfect location. It has all the elements of being a lighthouse but with serious emotional trauma. Here's how this place worked out on the scale:

1. Water nearby--duh.
2. Made of stone.
3. Land is a type of sandstone.
4. Older than 50 years.
5. Death/trauma.

The only thing missing was railroad tracks, but I have yet to see how those work with the formula. Hopefully in my final phase (3 phases) of the research, I can find out about fault lines, as well.

Yeah, I'd have to say this place is haunted.


  1. Either Mike or myself was, are still might, do a blog on this place. I saw it when the cruise ship went from Hawaii to San Francisco, but never took the tour. Lots of interesting history there.

  2. Yeah, I'd love to hear what you guys find when you write your post. When I do my second sweep of research, I get to look over what other groups have found to see if there's any good "hard" evidence.

  3. Definitely an interesting place. Pretty sure it's haunted, too.

  4. I was there in June of 2002. The police were training German Sheppard police dogs on the island that day. Several dogs were led through a gate to one of the buildings that had a fence around it, the last dog stopped suddenly, sat down, dug in and refused to go through the gate.