Saturday, May 23, 2009

Why Autumnforest? Why Not?

A chilly nose on an afternoon walk through slippery brown leaves obscuring a partially frozen path, numbed fingers digging into cool pockets in search of warmth

The distant smell of chimney smoke and burning leaves overpowered by the sickeningly sweet scent of rotting apples splayed beneath the orchard, long past their prime

The tang of hot cider spiked with rum inside a cozy room with a fire while your hands are clutching the sinewy insides of a warm pumpkin, awaiting a moment inspiration

The ominous piano notes of "Halloween" playing on a TV set while the laughter and echoing sounds of trick-or-treaters outdoors beat the twilight to enter the dark corridor of Samhain

Tendrils of fog obscuring the trickling creek lined with shiny wet stones, a deer poised to drink, startled by the plinking of random acorns dropping on the forest floor

Swaying trees dabbled in golds, oranges, reds, and browns, the fluttering descent of a leaf aflame waiting to be pressed into wax paper to be remembered for its moment of perfection

A forest has its seasons, some are for growth and sprouting new life, other times for abundance and proliferation, still other times for stasis. Then, there is autumn. It is the little miracle that shows that before suspended animation and after the massive growth spurt, there is a burst of beauty, wisdom, and inescapable brillance in its prime. Living only in that moment.


  1. Autumnforest -this was beautiful!! Did you write this whole thing? I really enjoyed it-Autumn-especially in my younger days in Colorado was my favorite time of year-still is down here-just doesnt feel like a real Autumn!! O i picked Chip Coffey-really do not know why -he is kinda goofy in some ways-I think it was my unfamiliarity with the names of the others as I do not get the shows regularly-I do know their faces-thanks again for that-it was beautiful -best as always!!

  2. Devin;
    Thanks. I admit that I wrote that in all of under five minutes without editing, but that's probably because it's a subject I love so much--duh! I think when folks read it, they identify with it right away and understand why I think autumn is the best time of year! I am so living in the wrong place!!! I admit that I put Jason on my team because I would want someone who's judgment would be unclouded, but I totally adore Chip. He's really a truly great talent and he gets the aspect of counseling which is like 90% of the importance of being a good psychic--helping people shift perpectives and lighten their burdens. I think when a psychic does a read, he/she taps into a part of a person and when they share that and the client realizes they're being understood at a deeper level, sometimes it's the first true/unconditional connection they've had with another human and so healing can begin. You lived in Colorado? You lucky boy! I'm not sure I'd like the people there--a bit too conservative and I know I'd hate baking at that elevation, but I'll take aspen trees in the autumn any day! :-)

  3. I want to be there, it sounds so great right now. Loved this post.

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  5. I adore the way you draw the reader in by activating the senses with sounds, sights, smells, and feeling to your stories....Almost as delicious as a piece of warm apple pie by a crackling fireplace on a cool fall night...I Love reading your thoughts...


  6. Adele;
    Thanks. Your comment made me feel like making my autumn favorite--caramel apple pie. Yum! People always ask why I go by Autumnforest, now it's pretty evident. It gets my senses going!

  7. hi...just found your the post. i am counting down to my favorite time of year. i think i have many things on my blog you will enjoy seeing so when you have time, have a look! hope to see you around!

  8. Beautifully written! Ah, if only I had that talent. I admire those who have that gift with words.