Friday, May 22, 2009

Shadowperson Account

(Photos: The stained glass at the angle they first saw the shadowperson next to the "altar" thing--my son crouched to show the size of the thing. The second shot is the view they had when it peeked out at them--my son is standing in the shadowperson's spot to reenact it).

I definitely got distracted in paranormal research when I heard first-hand from my son his account of having seen a shadowperson. I have seen a couple myself that were person-height, and then finally saw a short one with my son on an investigation about a year ago. Because of this, I've become quite obsessed with what these are and what is occurring.

My son is one of those extremely level-headed, logic-minded, socially conscious types and to hear him tell what happened to him intrigued me greatly. He told his story on an audition tape for Ghost Hunters New Generation show and I only wish the tape could have been longer because he had to edit out the second half of the encounter with the shadowperson. (After having seen it, the boys went about 20' away to the left of the place they'd seen it and turned to see it actually peeking out of the edge of the window frame area at them. It was perhaps 3 or 3 1/2 feet tall. They realized it saw them and that freaked them out even more. They took off through the cemetery and headed back towards their car when the other boy saw it one more time). Here is the audition tape that recounts the shadowperson event.


  1. I have seen some shadowpeople myself and they are creepy. Your son had a great video and I hope he gets picked. I enjoyed his story.

  2. Thanks. Yeah, the shadowperson thing is an ongoing investigation for me. I don't think the chapter will ever be closed, but the time my son and I saw one together, we were actively on a hunt with another team and several of us saw it. It was probably 4' tall max and it seemed like it was hiding, but curious. That's a feature you hear a lot about these things. They're startled when they realize you see them, but then they want to observe you. It intrigues me as a logic-minded person because if it's startled you saw it--then it doesn't expect to be seen, but then if it's curious about you once you see it, then I'd have to say maybe we're both gazing into each other's worlds briefly. We have the same reaction to it, fear and curiosity. My son described having an overwhelming feeling of doom and depression associated with the moments of the sighting that lifted when they got away. They apparently both felt it. It's hard to discern whether that's an effect of seeing something so amazing and scary or if it's something this entity brings with it. Many people report that same feeling exactly and some feel it before they see the creature which makes me believe that it's somehow a feeling it creates, like a bad aura, if you will.

  3. These shadow people sound creepy. Off all the stories my mom has told me about her encounters, none were shadow people.
    It is very intriguing.
    p.s. I had been experiencing errors and had not been able to visit different blogs I have on my list. It seems to be working now. I'm going back to check your posts that I have missed.

  4. Sandra;
    Hope they got it all cleared up so you can cruise around the blogs. My ultimate goal is to get one of these shadowpeople on a photo. I don't think it should be hard because as my son was describing it, they are opaque and solid-looking. He used his camera's red light to fix on it and the light was on it, didn't go through it. Exciting stuff. I've heard some great theories and some ring true, some don't. I wish someone would think about making a map of where they've been sighted and see if there are any correlations with UFOs or seismic activity or anything else. Oh, I should have been a scientist, darn!

  5. Thanks for doing an article on this Atumnforest -I did get that your son is level headed and not prone to hysteria or an overactive imagination when I watched his you tube video-the incident sounds fascinating-I have heard so many people (ones i trust) say that they have seen or felt they were in the prescence of these things i definitely believe in them-this is one area of the paranormal I dont particlularly want any contact with!!:-) best to you as always!!

  6. Yeah, I'm amazed how interesting and new the shadowperson thing is. I've always leaned towards the fact that growing up with television and computers, our generation began to retrain their eyes to see more than we used to be able to see, but sometimes I wonder if that's the explanation. A shadowperson was sighted where I grew up, in fact, one relative was screaming her head off and refused to come back to our house when she saw the dark solid figure walking down our hallway and through what was basically the outside wall of the house, so even back then in the early 70s, folks were seeing them. I hope to do a lot more accounts of this in the future. I'm also planning a few more expeditions to that cemetery--I myself heard a man speaking in Latin very very clearly when there was no one anywhere in the cemetery. I had the same sense of doom and creepiness.