Friday, May 8, 2009

Obscure Horror Movie Review - "Prophecy"

This 1979 movie was a surprisingly hauntingly scary movie. It contained some scenes that made me feel like I was watching one of my worst nightmares. The effects and general feel of it are unsettling and almost surreal.

The premise is a logging company releases toxins into the water that creates mutants in the beautiful Maine woodlands. A researcher with his wife in tow go to check it out and run into some of the creepiest versions of animal mutations possible. What’s so upsetting about this film is seeing animals that look familiar, but then have a twist. Sometimes, the most frightening thing is something familiar in an unfamiliar manner, such as when Japanese films have people crawling like crabs. Creep-o-rama.

This movie bothered me for weeks and months after seeing it. In fact, when I want a genuinely creeped out feeling, this is the one to pop into the DVD player. It has some recognizable actors like Robert Foxworth and Talia Shire (from “Rocky” fame), and the super sexy Armand Assante. It had a definite message about man and the environment and the Native American’s feelings on such matters.

Beyond the message, the movie is dark, deep into the woods, with feelings of vulnerability, horror, and a scene that so bothered me that I can’t get it out of my head as one of the creepiest “one of my nightmares” type qualities; when they’re in the lake trying to outswim “It.” (you’ll know what I mean when you see it).

I strongly advise seeing this film. I don’t know how it stayed under the radar. It’s just got this freaky thing about it that sticks with you long after seeing it and it also has a twist ending that adds more horror to the mix.

If you liked “Tremors,” “The Day of the Animals,” or just about any killer bear in the woods type of movies, you’ll love this movie.

Just don’t watch it before you go camping!


  1. Yup, another favourite Nature apocalypse filmic adventure. You're talking about that mutant ursine critter, ain'tcha? I only just this week had a dessert meeting (the hubbs & I baked a killer chocolate-walnut tart) with the First Lady & Madame President of my mountain community here & Ted, the resident fire-keeper & star gate protector, is part First Nationer & part Star People, his wife a gifted sensitive, too. Lotsa work ahead, Autumn, lots!

    From the vaults of space/time,
    Anadæ Effro (•:-)}

  2. Anadæ;
    Yup! We're not talking "Teddy." I love your comments, you're always full of the light of life. I can almost taste the chocolate walnut torte. I make a killer Appalachian butterscotch pie (meringue)--an old recipe handed down from my mom. It has to be the most requested recipe I do, and I do a lot of cooking! I can picture your gathering of insightful minds and nature-lovers. I miss Mountain Folk. :-)

  3. ok, i'll have to search for that one too. i don't think i've seen it. next week will be my movie watching week and i'll watch while i fold laundry.

  4. Haven't seen this one either but I love Tremors, especially Val,Earl and Burt. When I was young, I can't remember what year it was, I saw a movie called "Grizzly". This grizzly bear grabbed people out of tents, attacked them in the water falls and killed them in gruesome ways. This movie scared me so much that I do believe it started all my nightmare bear dreams. That maybe why I had a tough time camping too. I can understand how certain movies and creatures in them can effect you in strange ways. Good Review!

  5. Camping--yeah, I think Blair Witch did it for me. I have to admit camping one time with folks after the movie came out and I left little stick bundles outside their tent and hung a bunch of the stick figures in the trees and went out and hid, banging rocks together. They came out and freaked. It was awesome! Still, my biggest fear camping is bears and also humans who come and get you at gunpoint while you're in a cheesy canvas tent. Scary thoughts! I just hate the vulnerability when I'm sleeping. Hence, I don't sleep if I camp. The only time I ever slept was when I hiked to 11,000 feet to Baboon Lake in California. There was a glacier there and hardly any trees and the guy guiding us said there'd be no bears up that high, so I slept. Later on, I ended up with altitude sickness instead. That's horrible! Then, I found out from the ranger that bears go up there. Yikes! Yeah, if you liked Tremors and you like Grizzly, this movie is totally it!