Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Erotic Horror Movies - Something For Everyone

I’m covering just about all the categories within horror movies in upcoming weeks, so I figured I should probably cover erotic horror, especially since I’m in the process of editing my own erotic horror novel, “The Thicket.”

We will begin with the more graphic erotic horror movies (rated XXX) and pretty much all of them are foreign films. It appears American filmmakers who decide to do X-rated would rather involve plots with pool boys and swing clubs (rather mundane subjects compared to thirsty vampires and monsters on the hungry prowl for a mate).

There’s not a lot of great stuff out there in this genre. In fact, it’s sadly devoid of substance. On one end of the spectrum, you have more or less rated XXX clinkers like “Erotic Nights of the Living Dead.” I anticipated at least an intriguing plot line with visitors to an exotic location where the zombies were attacking the living in ways that might make one blush. Unfortunately, it ended up being a cheesy X-rated movie in which upon occasion zombies wandered past the lens. Otherwise, the graphic in-your-face sex was one or two scenes by rather bored looking actors. Not that one expects greatness from an XXX-rated film, however, it would be nice to marry horror and erotica—they seem very much a compatible mix by virtue that being horrified and uninhibited at the same time is a juxtaposition…

One that sticks out in my mind is “The Beast” (aka “La Bete) by erotic horror king, Walerian Borowczyk who had a fascination for women and beasts. This one actually has a storyline. This isn’t for the faint of heart because it has a beast that wants to mate with women and even though it’s done rather hilariously, it’s still pretty…graphic. I personally liked it, but then I enjoy anything with a kind of a fairytale storyline and picturesque scenes. I like the clash between horror and eroticism in such a beautiful pastoral setting. If you're looking for the more quality work in XXX erotic horror, this group of directors were the big daddies in this foreign industry; Jess Franco, Walerian Borowczyk, and Joe d’Amato.

There are whole categories out there for any desire and some I never imagined were intriguing to folks like; Nazi sexploitation, Nun sexploitation, prison sexploitation, blaxploitation, vampire sexploitation, biker sexploitation, swinger sexploitation, rape sexploitation. You name it and there’s a fetish movie for it. There are some that will make you cringe and others that might intrigue. No doubt if you can think it, a sexploitation film has been done about it. You get what you asked for in these, cinematic fast food sex made-to-order.

It should be said that homosexuals have had the hardest time finding any lighthearted or romantic portrayals of their relationships. The masses are still freaky afraid to see men kiss. Just look at what a stir "Brokeback Mountain" created and this was in the new millenium! Thus far, the "softer" erotic horror involving homosexuals has been relegated to being hinted at amongst vampires, i.e. "Interview with the Vampire." I totally don't get the freak out, but it has helped me understand how it made homosexual erotic horror have to go way deep underground.

For those who wish theater-friendly lightweight erotic horror, I’d suggest movies such as “Bram Stoker’s Dracula,” staring Keanu Reeves in a rich and beautiful tale with loads of sensuality. “The Wicker Man” (original version 1973) starring Edward Woodward as a policeman sent to a British Isle where everyone is pagan in search of a missing girl. “The Howling,” starring Dee Wallace as a reporter who goes for a vacation in the woods only to find she’s amongst werewolves. “Brotherhood of the Wolf,” which is a beautiful French horror movie about werewolves. “Darkwolf,” a movie about a werewolf with a need to find his mate “Embrace of the Vampire,” is starring child star Alyssa Milano as a college girl with a vampire admirer (most gals will like this one--vampires are usually a big thrill). As a female who enjoys both romance and high sensuality and horror, all these movies listed in this paragraph are good ones, except perhaps “Darkwolf” which didn’t have a strong romantic feel but more of a horror feel.

Considering the crescendo one feels in both lovemaking and being horrified, the two seem to be an ideal match, and if they're done well--both make you scream (yeah, get used to me, I have a bawdy sense of humor). As I continue to edit my own erotic horror novel, I think of what I’d like to see out there on the movie market too. I hope I can come to the right marriage of tension and bliss, fear and longing.

If you want to find some erotic horror movies, you might try horrormovies (they have an erotic category) or Trashpalace (they have lots of specialty and erotic horror listings), or Alternativecinema. Like I said, there’s a huge array of choices out there, but they seem to run from very mild to very graphic. There’s not a lot of in between. It’s a real mixed bag of nuts (pun intended), so good luck finding your fit.

Oh, and as always, let me know your fav's. I'm always looking for new vid's.


  1. Hey fascinating article Autumnforest!! I had never thought of this being a movie category type thing-but sex and death are so intertwined on so many levels-"the little death" and all of that-I havent seen one movie in my life that was horror that was also tinged with erotica for me-I have seen two or three R rated foreign films-Almdadovar's "Bad Education" and another foreign film called "Burnt Money" and even a comedy called "Latter Days" these movied were tinged with eroticism for me (of course I am gay so I do not think they would do anything for straight folks!!) but do not know of a horror movie I have seen like this-believe it or not there is a sub-genre of gay horror fiction which is really cool I think and I have some short story collections of this-but once again I do not think it would do anything for 99 percent of the people (or whatever the real percentage is-i do not know-who are not gay) many times i do enjoy seeing a handsome male lead and a beautful woman in a romantic film -but of course the "charge" isnt there to the degree it would be if I were straight-thanks again for having the guts to do an article like this and once again getting my brain moving-man i have felt like I have been in molasses the last few weeks since it got hot (and not in a sexual/kinky way:-) best to you as always!!

  2. Devin;
    You always make me smile. Yeah, my guess is it's more like 80%. I think a lot more folks are inclined to enjoy their own sex than are admitted to and if the fundamentalist big-church ministers, priests, and senators are thrown in, it might be more like 70%. It's actually extremely easy for lesbians to find a great array of erotic horror since men do so much enjoy seeing females go for it. I would imagine lesbians don't like the way they're portrayed when "straight" women go gay in films for men's pleasure. They probably have a term for that--kind of like what you see on dance floors when women get drunk and go "Casey Anthony" to impress the guys. I am certain there's a fair amount of male vampirism movies for the more hardcare pleasure of gay men, that seems to be the biggest category. I admit, I think lovemaking is lovemaking, don't care if one has a mustache or if they both do. As an artist, too, I just appreciate the beauty of human beings intertwined. Erotic horror is really about the sensuality and sexuality of human beings in a setting that is eerie and threatening at a moment when life seems at its best postcoitally and yet could end at any moment. As you said, "the little death." I compared erotic horror to kind of like that suspense of making out in your basement and worrying your mom is going to go downstairs and do the laundry. It's a genre that should be worked more. I think the problem is that most folks that make horror put in sex but only for titillation and the point at which the young teens get killed. They really have it all wrong. Hope to report on new upcoming erotic horror movies so we can all see how it works when it's at its best. Thanks!