Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Test for Barnabas Jr

Can you name any of these people?


  1. I see a Sam and a Willie or William. Probably wrong. LOL

  2. I may kick myself later, but nope I can't name any of them.

  3. Ella; I gotta admit, I just thought about it and one of the boy's middle name was William.

    This was a test for one of my followers who gave a hint he might have gone to my elementary school. I wanted to see if he could recognize any of the boys in the picture. It was taken when I was in sixth grade and (as humiliating as this is) the class field trip was to my house. The kids got to see the displayed artifacts and use the metal detector and learn about the house's history. It was kind of fun in a weird way because before that I think kids were kind of scared of my house and I was a bit of an outcast.

  4. Cool post Autumnforest-it seems that whatever you are working on gets my wheels turning! this one was in a "fun" way as I remember a similar (somewhat) pic of a group of us eighth graders who went on a two day field trip to Mesa Verde in Colorado-sometimes looking at these pics cracks me up-all those late 70s clothes -hairstyles and the like-some of the what I call "junior high insecurity" really comes thru on some of the images too-although darn it -once again not one image on the 3 rolls I took that couldn't be explained-I would so loved to have captured the spirit of an ancient cave dwelling family -I think some of these so-called "savages" knew a lot more about certain things than we do today and in many ways were perhaps more human to their fellow sisters and brothers-best to you as always!!

  5. Hey Autumn-just had to come back and let you know you do have a fan club in the forming!! Look at comments under my April 4 post:-) best as always!!

  6. Hey Devin;
    Someone who speaks 70s? Cool! I should post a picture of two of what a gawky thing I was. :-)

  7. The teacher was my 6th grade teacher the year after you, Miss Koumparakis (I spoke to her on the phone in the 90s, she was living in Burke), the infamous Kurt is front and center. The guy on the right in the red jacket is Mike Davenport, and the one on the left (I think) is Ron Preston. How'd I do?

    If you send me an email to barnabasjr at gmail dot com I'll disclose my identity, although I really will be surprised if you remember me.

    Thanks for sharing the pic, hope you've got more like it.