Thursday, April 30, 2009

Recent Phoenix Lights?

A good friend who is a great witness saw the Phoenix Lights phenomenon a couple days ago on April 28, 2009 in the South Mountain area again. It was around 10-11 pm. It's ironic because, I live behind South Mountain and for some absolutely bizarre reason, I went outside at 8:30 to look in that direction because I had a weird eerie feeling that the lights were going to be there. They weren't and I felt jipped. I don't EVER go outside looking for the lights, this was the first time. I about went white as a sheet when at a dinner party last night my friend was telling me how he was driving through The Valley and looked in that direction where he saw one bright light and then others in formation with it in that same area as the originally famous Phoenix Lights. I asked him what time and he said between 10-11 and I was like, "Oh man!" My senses were telling me to be on the lookout and after one peep outside at 8:30, I forgot to go back and out check again, got too distracted. Just wondering if anyone else saw them.


  1. Not me. Impossible, of course.

    However, I have read and heard about those Phoenix Lights and am kinda wondering if they really were from a different species from another world that is much more advanced than we are. I would venture to say that this could very well be.

    It seems that many people over in your area have seen and documented what had happened, but one of the explanations where that of flares? How could a flare be in such a "V" formation? I've never seen them like that. I just don't buy what the darn Government say's. They will lie their ass off if they have too.

    Even some people have taken pictures of what they saw. How could it be a flare? I still say that it probably was something from another world, but others say that this is not possible. I say it is.

    However, why do the sightings always seem to happen over in the Western States area? Is it because it's so open. We, over here, never seem to view anything like this. Wonder why?

  2. I recently wrote a post about the Phoenix Lights and put in my conjecture on the matter. Being someone who lives directly under where they keep showing up, I really should put in some sky lights--I keep missing them!! I have seen several UFOs here and one was the classic triangle one shown on the episode of "UFO Hunters" about triangular ships seen in the daytime. My son took photos of it while my husband, my son, and I all watched it for some time in the sky, taking the opposite pathway of the Phoenix Lights. I admit that two things tend to make me suspicious--1. Nevada was the origin of the Phoenix Lights when it came down across AZ that famous day in March 1997. 2. I live near the Barry Goldwater testing range for the Air Force... Hmmm.... Unless UFOs are from another planet and are curious about our military, my money would be in the military. I would expect with budget cuts and a peaceful Democrat in office, we should be seeing less of them if that's the case, unfortunately, it seems to have greatly increased lately. It's a real mystery.

  3. I missed out on seeing them just like I did in 1997. Maybe I'll get lucky someday and be outside on the right night. Hope I have my camera with me.