Friday, April 24, 2009

The Phoenix Lights -- Looking at all the Angles

History: March 13, 1997: Lights in a formation that appears to be V-shaped are seen from Nevada, traveling southeasterly over the State of Arizona and into Mexico. The bulk of the sightings were reported during a three-hour time period by thousands of witnesses.

First sighting: 7:55 p.m. Henderson NV
Second major sighting: Prescott 8:17 p.m. (only 22 minutes later traveling 170 miles).
Third major sighting: At 10 p.m. it was viewed over the Valley of the Sun (123 miles from Prescott in just under two hours’ time).

Fact: Something was obviously seen by thousands of people over hundreds of miles on the same evening. There was something in the sky. Something with lights. Something unconventional to those viewing it. We can say with definite assurance there was something in the air. It was photographed by many, as well. Some were directly under it, some saw it in the distance. They all saw it within the same time period. They all agreed there was something lit up in the sky in a formation that was unfamiliar to them.

Going with the absolute knowledge that something was in the air that night. Let’s look at possible explanations and run the logic.

Military? This object was first seen in Nevada and traveled southerly from there. The area it originated from (Nevada) seems to be most suspicious for military craft. However, playing the devil’s advocate, why would the military fly over heavily populated areas and hover with such a remarkable craft? Wouldn’t the vast barren deserts of Nevada be more appropriate than downtown Phoenix?

Alien? If one were to consider this as an alien spacecraft, wouldn’t it be an obvious invitation of some sort? After all, they were hovering over a populated area. Not to be down on Arizona, but why this state? If you want to make a show to a population, why not LA or New York? Why not stop and say hello? Why be seen but then leave? What is the purpose of this? Could it be considered a first contact meant to have us talk about it and see how we react to such a connection with another life form? Preparing us in gradual steps?

Flares? At first the military had no comment on the event, then suddenly decided there were flares dropped in the Barry Goldwater Range that evening south of Phoenix. The flares hardly accounted for the formation of lights, the V-shaped craft some folks sighted from beneath, or the fact that it was seen traveling the entire length of the State of Arizona.

Time Travelers? It has been suggested this is our future visiting us, and quite honestly, as a die-hard skeptic about most matters, this actually seems most feasible if we’re talking about something not of our present-day world. It could even account for why there would be a silent visitation without contact. Would you want to contaminate your past? But, would you possibly like to show them that there is more than what we think we know right now? Help us to prepare for a future that is beyond our present imagination? To perhaps change a course we’re set upon? The event of seeing such a craft would aid us in getting a perspective and becoming more future-oriented. We are not alone. That could be the message, but not from aliens, but from our own kind. Perhaps more advanced. Perhaps evolved into something short and weak-limbed with a large head who’s interested in our own DNA? Their historic DNA?

What I personally conclude from what I know of the event (unfortunately, I live right under where it passed, but didn’t go outside that night), I can make a few assumptions. Something with a formation of lights was in the sky that night, witnessed by thousands over the state, as well as Nevada and Mexico. These lights were in the sky and photographed as well. It affected enough people that they activated the 9-1-1 system. This event did happen. There is no denying that.

But, as a paranormal investigator, I realize that debunking is necessary. I also know that if someone is upset in an historic house, I’m not going to jump to the conclusion that they’re possessed. I’m going to look for logical explanations. Those who jump to the alien answer are foregoing some important steps that are actually much more likely, such as this is one of our own crafts, some sort of natural occurring phenomenon, or it was a prank of some type. Until those can be absolutely ruled out, we can’t carry on a healthy conversation about what occurred and what it means to our future.

I must admit, it would absolutely change our world to know that there’s someone bigger and stronger on the block and yet they don’t have to exert their power over others as man on earth tends to do when he gains technology. If this was a message from an outside civilization, it was a subtle one. One I hope everyone gets.

And, then, maybe it’s just that we are so unthreatening that it doesn’t matter if we see them or not.


  1. (Hello! This is Celyn of Owl Whoo; my old email was flooded with spam, even with the filters, so I started a new email and blog. I wish Blogger didn't go hand in hand with email, but here I am with a new identity.)

    Yesterday I read an article about Edgar Mitchell, an astronaut who flew on Apollo XIV. He said that the earth has indeed been visited by alien life and that the government knows about it. He is urging them to release the information and says that if they do not by the end of May he will start talking about what he knows. I find this interesting because he's the first "official" figure to talk about alien life and visits. I do have a healthy ammount of skepticism though; he is after all an older gentleman and I wonder if this is not a hobby of his that is taking the forefront of his mind.

    His theory as to why they visit places like New Mexico and Arizona and the out-of-the-way places is that aliens read our nuclear test areas during the 1940s-50s and went in to investigate. He also believes that we as humans need to know about other life so that we won't be so fractured on our planet through religion, politics, etc.

  2. Hey Celyn;
    I'm glad you're back on. I'm following your new blog. It's awesome--as usual. I love the way you look at life. You're a very spiritual being and you go with the flow and seem to appreciate every moment. So few people have that insight, especially at your tender age. I read that about Mitchell and it was interesting. I'd like to hear him go into more detail. It's usually in the way a person recounts a story that all my "spidey" senses seem to know if it's legit or not. I just need to hear an interview and I know the points of exaggeration and truth. I watch UFO Hunters show which I adore. Of course, the head guy (Bill?) is a bit of a zealot, but the red-headed dude is a healthy skeptic and the third wheel who's a total skeptic is my hero. I love that guy. I think because he brings them back down to earth and I also think that he has a way of admitting when he's baffled. My husband had a job offer at Area 51 back in 84. That's when they used to bus the EG&G workers up there (1 1/2 hour drive to work every day and 1 1/2 hour drive home to Vegas). That was back when Area 51 either wasn't discovered yet, or wasn't well known. We had no idea what it was known for. He went up there and did the interview and we ended up turning down the job. Neither of us thought the bus trip was worth the job or the pay. I hear nowadays they fly them up. I don't think it's a coincidence that these sightings occur around major air force bases, but I wonder if it's monitoring going on or if it's our military. The whole subject intrigues me, but then I love a mystery. I'm highly skeptical about the ability to travel such distances, but then I also realize that man probably never thought we'd pack 100 people in a metal cylinder and fly them across country if you asked him 200 years ago. So, I'm open-minded. I've seen some UFOs myself and I have to admit a baffling question mark in my head about what and why....

  3. Thank you for your compliments. I am blushing quite a bit!

    I remember watching a documentary about Area 51; some anonymous photographer sent in photos of the employees disembarking from the Area plane with pillows, tooth brushes, etc. Apparently the employees stay there sometimes, for whatever it is that they do. Interestingly enough, Mr. Mitchell said that he believes aliens are among us. His phrasing is rather vague, maybe implying that they can "pass for" humans or that they simply are in contact with certain parts of the government(s). It's amusing to think that Area 51 might be some sort of interstellar airport or immigration center. I wonder if they would serve peanuts en route in space flights?

    I too want to keep an open mind. I can't say for sure intelligent alien life exists or not, but I am a firm believer in "maybe."

  4. Hey Celyn;
    Great attitude. I agree. I sometimes wonder in my research about shadowpeople if they are the ultimate aliens. They do seem quite shocked and retreat when folks actually can see them. I think they're used to going unnoticed. I also lean towards the theory that with computers and TVs nowaday, folks have retrained their eyes to see things they weren't capable of before. Kind of an interesting idea. I wonder if they can spend an hour or two a day intensively training someone's eyes and see if they can see more things out there? I love this stuff. Conjecture and speculation is the mystery that keeps us getting up every morning and using our brains!

  5. Hiya Autumnforest!! I also enjoy reading the comments at your blog-enjoyed Celyn's and your replies! "unfortunately I was right under where the object passed, but didn't go outside that night" haha that describes my situation to a "T" I was living with my brother in an aparment in Chandler then-and according to the track-or at least what I could make of it -we were in the same position-almost right under it at one point-but of course -we were inside on the night the biggest single paranormal event ever to hit the PHX area happened!
    I am so very glad you covered this -I knew the "flare" hypothesis was BS-but in all honesty I don't know what to make of it. Like I have said I have always found the Time Travel Hypothesis fascinating as much as the alien or ultraterestrial one-I loved the thought in I believe your last sentence? paraphrasing a bit "maybe they are so beyond us they don't care whether we see them or not" Great thoughts also on the military explanation-if it was our military they sure as hell made sure a lot of people saw the contraption-haha-all the best to you and thanks so much again for covering this!!

  6. Why walk through the front door and be seen by so many rather than sneak through the back door and be less noticed? OK, that is my silly reason for why AZ and other less populated places have more sightings. I'm going with ET, why not? I do like the way you brought up so many different possiblities. I personally didn't witness the lights even though they were right out my back door, and wished that I did.

  7. Hey Devin;
    Glad you enjoyed it. My mind thinks like a debunker. I'm one of those terminal geeks that enjoys a weekend when Discovery or TLC are showing nonstop conjecture documentaries cause I sit there and talk back to the screen like an armchair quarterback. Okay, not that enthusiastic, but I get animated. I love to ask questions and then I love to use logic to try and figure out the puzzle. This puzzle is a huge one. If I consider what we're like, if we had such capabilities, I don't think we'd go buzz the next planet that has life. We'd probably want them to know it's possible that there's others out there without making them freak. I think what happened in Phoenix was kind of pushing the freak limit. That it was silent and not threatening, however, was kind of like that awesome moment in "Independence Day" when they all went "wow!" and folks ran up on top of buildings to hold signs, only I really hope it wouldn't end like that... Hmmm

    Julie; That's what I like about you. You know where you stand. That's totally awesome. Depending on which day of the week it is my stand on these things changes constantly. It depends on the proof and my point of view at the time. If you ask me tomorrow, I might say it was definitely aliens. I saw the award winning documentary on this case and it was very convincing as something other worldly. I just feel like the fact that these things occur in the west isn't a coincidence which means somehow either our military is involved or they're involved in knowing what our military is up to. Either way, I think we're living in a very hot spot.

    Hope to get up to Sedona this year and do a little UFO hunting and of course recharge my personal batteries at the vortices. Hopefully, I'll have more opinions on the phenomena when I see more of it. It's kind of like ghost hunting. I need to see patterns.

    I'd like to cover this subject again, but I think next time I might go for Bigfoot or some other paranormal occurrence. There's so many interesting ones!

  8. While I am a firm believer in hauntings and such, I have a harder time getting on board with extra-terrestrials, for some reason.

    I really kind of think that the lights are just what the military said they were: flares. I've watched the footage of the lights over So. Mountain, and they seem (to me) to drift and disappear exactly the same way flares would. They'd be able to be seen for miles, and they definitely looked strange.

    Like Autumn, no matter how much I want to believe, I try to view things from as skeptical a position as possible...and it just seems much more probable that the lights were the result of military exercises than a visit from outer space.

    Having said that...I have seen something inexplicable in the night sky over Nutrioso, AZ (Nutrioso is a tiny little town in the White Mountains, between Springerville and Alpine, AZ). My ex-husband and I were driving along the highway about 10:30 p.m., on our way to my parents' in Luna, NM. Staring through the windshield, I suddenly saw a very bright rainbow-prism beam of light shoot down from the sky, all the way to the ground. Before I could open my mouth, my ex said, "Did you see that!"...and right then, a second bright beam of rainbow light flashed down. We craned our necks looking up into the night sky, but couldn't see anything. The beam definitely came *down* from the sky, and not up from the ground. This was in a very remote area, with a small population of homesteads scattered around.

    I would LOVE to find out what the explanation for that is, LOL :):)

  9. Hey Pamela;
    Yeah, I've held off on my opinion of UFOs for a long time. Even though I've seen several, I haven't really formed a complete a final opinion on the matter, but I investigate hauntings and don't have a final opinion on that either. I think it takes a body of experiences to come up with an explanation. I know in paranormal investigating about 90% of the things can be readily explained. The other 10% can be baffling and about 2% are just downright never to be explained. The same goes with UFOs. There's so many possible things we're seeing at any given time. I remember once as a kid getting frantic when I saw something skimming across the sky in a disk shape and I went rushing to one of the cottages on our property and asked the guy what it was. He came out and looked at it and said that it was a spotlight on the clouds. I had never seen a spotlight before and I was amazed. So, there's plenty of explanations. What you saw in Eastern AZ sounds like several possibilities from freak lightning to perhaps something related to jets and sprites (check those out online, type in "jets and sprites" and you'll see). Also, the entering of a broken meteorite into the atmosphere, or even the engines of a military craft? I guess my first reaction is -- it's explainable. I do that in ghost hunting and it works well for debunking. It's the 2% that we really truly can't explain that are exciting.