Sunday, April 19, 2009

Obscure Horror Movie Review - "The Incubus"

This movie from 1981 is a forgotten gem. It stars John Cassavetes and is based on a book written by Ray Russell (the book is very good). I admit to being nostalgic for the old-time 70s feel of movies and this one certainly gives you a good dose of bad hair, clothes, and boxy cars. It’s very New England feeling and the score is really moody and appropriate.

The story is of a New England town in which young women are being brutally raped. The question is, by whom? Or what? The local doctor is baffled and at the same time trying to protect his teenaged daughter from a young man he is suspicious of.

The strong points of the movie are its nostalgic feel, the mystery surrounding the perpetrator, the acting is fairly good, and it keeps you wondering until the end. I like this movie because I’m fascinated with the concept of an incubus (a demon trying to impregnate women). The book was very well written and the author helped to write the movie, as well, which made it a much better storyline than it might have been if a stranger butchered the concepts.

It’s definitely worth seeing once. It’s just different than most horror movies made during the early 80s. There’s plenty of suspense and, as I mentioned, the score really makes it even more dramatic.

If you see it on the shelf, check it out.


  1. So glad you mentioned this Autumnforest-I had never heard of this one before-sounds fascinating! That picture that the actor is standing by has always terrified me in a way-best to you as always and I hope you are having a great weekend!!

  2. sorry to do a multiple comment so soon-I picked a voice talking to me as the most scary-funny you'd think maybe a full body apparition would be more scary-but voices from beyond the grave would scare me more-maybe because they could say things I didn't want to know? Maybe I should think on it some more but I'm pretty sure thats it for me! thanks again for your great blog!

  3. Hey Devin;
    Hope your weekend has gone well. I had a productive and relaxing one. I chose spiders/rats because the only thing I fear on a hunt is running into anything LIVING--spiders, rats, and people hiding out in abandoned places. I've heard the voices in my house when I was growing up a lot--men having a discussion in the master suite as if talking around a table. I've seen a full-body and honestly--I was thrilled and not at all scared. That for a moment, you are able to hear or see something--that's like the perfect conditions. It's a real honor. I think if the voice said "get out!" I'd probably jump! :-)

  4. A friend was telling me about a movie called, "The Entity" a 1981 suspense film starring Barbara Hershey, a California woman who was tormented by an unseen entity. Have you seen it? I haven't but it sounds scary and this movie reminded me of that one. The movie sounds like one to watch. I also like the classic movies, you just can't beat them so thanks for bringing them up.

  5. "The Entity" is a really disturbing and interesting movie. There is a real paranormal investigation it's based off of and if you look online, you'll probably be able to find some of the photos taken by the university group who followed her case. They were interesting and impressive. Of course, the Hollywood version was probably over the top, but basically it was believed the woman was tormented by her dead abusive boyfriend and the ghost actually raped her. Many researchers since then have taken the stand that perhaps she was having an incestuous relationship with her teenaged son, but of course like Amityville the stories get muddier as they move along. The movie is definitely unsettling and well done. Worth a see for sure! Check here: