Thursday, April 2, 2009

Geomagnetic Activity and Hauntings

A recent article caught my attention because something I’ve always done since I started officially ghost hunting, is to keep a log for the nights I go hunting. I include things like solar activity, geomagnetic activity, moon cycle, temperature, geology of the land including how far from waterways and railroad tracks, weather conditions, humidity, and even the mood of those who are hunting (if they’re stressed or grieving or having an ongoing argument with their loved ones). I’ve been hoping to find a trend and this article that I came across about the connection between weird dreams and geomagnetic activity really had me thinking even more about this.

Then, I came across another article about the severity of migraine headaches and geomagnetic activity which apparently jumps in the level of pain on stormy geomagnetic days.

Then, this lead to another article of test rats who had more seizures on nights with higher geomagnetic activity.

It goes on and on, the effects of geomagnetic force and living beings. If this is true and it is commonly believed that we might be in the process of a geomagnetic pole reversal on Earth, could it account for activities that have been attributed to end-of-times? Could we have a huge jump in paranormal activity as this is occurring? Magnetic therapy for healing has long been a favorite amongst New-Agers, but could it be that the human body could benefit from such things? With the present possible pole reversal on Earth, we’re currently undergoing weak geomagnetic activity which is the precursor for a pole reversal. Could the weak fields be affecting things such as autism? Cancer rates? What would the action of a pole reversal have on the human body?

You see how once you get one bit of information (like geomagnetic fields and dreams) it leads to cascading information? In just a few paragraphs I went from dreams to migraines to seizures to magnets used for healing purposes and the reversal of the Earth’s poles?

This is the kind of free-thinking that’s going to help us find connections and coincidences that are more than just common. If you want to start taking note of geomagnetic activity and ghost hunting or your dreams or just your moods in comparison, start checking daily this site or one like it that carries these measurements.

From reviewing my ghost hunting logs, I did not find any correlation (as I suspected) between the moon’s cycles and particularly active nights. I did discover that, although you can have a fairly active night on quiet solar x-ray and quiet geomagnetic activity nights, the most amazing phenomenon always happened (100% of the time) with geomagnetic activity, most especially electron flux alerts, geomagnetic sudden impulse, G1 warnings, geomagnetic pulse warnings, and sudden impulse alerts. I also found that on electron flux alerts, I had my only sightings with my eyes of an apparition (shadowperson or full body apparition). On nights with sudden geomagnetic impulses, I was very likely to get something on photographs. That is a significant find for me. It’s entirely possible that others might find more luck on other conditions, but for me it’s definitely geomagnetic activity days.

I would suggest, as well, that if you were feeling ambitious, you might leave a notebook by your bed, take note of the dates when you had the most strange dreams, and then see if they correlate with changes in geomagnetic levels. If a person can be affected by EMF levels that are above norm, then it is possible that he/she could be affected by geomagnetic changes in the earth, as well. The intriguing thing about this is to find out if perhaps you are good candidate for ghost hunting in general. Some folks, like we see with Jason and Grant from TAPS, can be very sensitive to activity, whether it’s attracting it or being in the right place at the right time.

I would be thrilled to hear from other hunters what sort of correlations they have. Even if you don’t actively hunt, should something unusual occur in your home or in your dreams or you have a sudden sense someone is going to call and then the phone rings, check up that date on the charts and see what kind of activity was happening.

It’s my hope that in the future we can find ideal conditions, such as here in AZ when the dewpoint is –3 and it’s dry as a bone with so much static electricity, you’re scared to touch your car door handle, then it’s going to be a promising day. Should an electrical storm be brewing on the horizon, it’s a good hunting day. And perhaps, should geomagnetic activity be elevated, it might just be a promising day to hunt, as well.

Point to ponder: Perhaps the term “earthbound spirits” isn’t just a common description for souls that don’t leave their prior home, but more importantly are tied to the earth and its magnetic currents.


  1. Autumnforest-this was a very interesting post as always!! Thanks for mentioning the dryness here in AZ-haha sometimes just one little stroke of my cats belly produces enough static electricity to charge us both:-) I also thought that the idea (hope I am reading post right) of ghosts still being affected by conditions on physical plane very interesting.It makes me wonder-just theorizing here-if some souls get "trapped" here because of physical conditions-it hardly seems fair-but I think -at least when I ponder the paranormal that you have to take everything into account-I picked "talk to a ghost" for poll question-best as always and thanks so much for your thoughts at my place-they were very helpful to me-I am sorry for the losses you have experienced and very happy for the marriage and family that you have-I wish you many many more happy years-not only on this plane-but whatever comes next!! After all these years pondering these questions that is one of the only thing I am 99 percent sure of -that there is a "next"-all the best!!

  2. I am one of those that is effected by the barometric pressure and always get headaches, whenever there is overcast. I actually feel better when it is hot, dry and sunny. I'm not sure if this has anything to do with geomagnetic activity but it is something that does physically effects me. I think it is a great idea to keep a log of all the weather activities, the moon's cycle, temperature and any other conditions that may effect your ghost hunting results. Nice post as always.

  3. Devin; Thanks for the super comments. It's good to know my musings are jiving with other people's thoughts. I have to say I was astounded when I looked at my log and realized how much electron flux affected things. In fact, every single time there was one, either I or my hunting companions saw something that was so real to us it shook us up quite a bit. My take on it, as a typically logic-minded Virgo type, is that it's the humans who are more affected by the changes and that we are better receivers when conditions are right. Such as the idea that we have strange dreams on nights with strong geomagnetic activity. Obviously, we're tapping into a part of our brain's abilities that we don't usually access. Some of us who are more psychically sensitive, probably don't need the conditions, but they sure as heck make things better. The two apparitions I've seen on hunts in the past several years were both on electron flux nights. Hmm... Intriguing. Thanks for your sweet comments. I have had a lot of losses, but as corny as it sounds, it taught me a lot. When you're the baby of a large family, you see everyone go and they teach you things. I keep a book and on each page, I have someone who influenced me's name. Then, on the front of that page I list the good things they taught me and on the back side of the page, the things they taught me that I shouldn't do. One time my son picked up and read it and said, "mom, you do all the good things and none of the bad." If I can honor them any way, it's to let them be an example (good and bad) so I can fulfill their dreams and mine in a long happy lifetime. Besides, I don't think people really go (even if it turns out there's no afterlife), they simply enter the bigger picture of humanity and history that keeps us all humble.

  4. Julie;
    I agree about feeling changes in the barometer. I used to be a regular hurricane and tornado meter myself. The pressure feeling people report in their heads is classic changes in barometric pressure and that's why the human body is the best meter in your arsenal. I've considered purchasing a watch that also does temperature and barometric pressure-not too expensive at sports stores, but I have trouble wearing watches--kill them the first day. I might get a hand held meter, though. I really like to test whether equipment is helpful or not. Eventually, observing the pressure and my body's feelings, I won't need the meter anymore. Intriguing! I'm a wet, foggy, rainy, cold kind of person myself--my ideal weather? 40s, raining, windy, and cold to the bone. I'm a moisture freak. I so don't belong here! Hee hee

  5. I found all of this to be very interesting. I'm too much of a scaredy cat to ever go ghost hunting, but I do think there are correlations that can be found if the right people look for them. I definitely agree that all this stuff is connected and that this is the kind of free-thinking that’s going to help us find connections and coincidences that are more than just common. Good post!