Monday, March 30, 2009

Wanna Haunt Yourself? Couldya Haunt Yourself?

(me building a snowman outside the front veranda at Aspen Grove)

It's funny how one thought leads to another until you're not sure what started the snowball?

I was thinking one day about how my father, mother, brother, sister, and family friend all vowed to haunt my childhood home. I was thinking about the family promise to haunt Aspen Grove, and wondered--would I want to haunt the house as it is now? Since a contractor tore down the outbuildings and built condo's around it? No, I'd rather haunt the house as it was when we lived there, everything intact; stables, barn, two cottages, boxwood mazes, arbors, orchards, thicket, creek...

That got me thinking the next thought; what if I could go back and haunt myself when I lived there?

I've always said that should souls exist, we're two linear in our thinking. Many family members can see the spirit of a passed loved one upon their passing at the same time. If we are no longer limited by our body's physical form from this plane, then why would our minds have to be in one place at one time? There should be no limits to such things, no reason you can't visit your future descendants or your past ancestors in their living time on the Earth. At least, it seems like a perfectly logical conclusion once you're freed up of time/space issues that humans have to endure.

It intrigues me to think that perhaps I've visited myself as a child, influenced a decision, stopped some horrible calamity (like the time I played with a snapping turtle or ate a bunch of sleeping pills thinking they were blue M&Ms). What if when we are alone with ourselves and having our most self doubt, praying, crying out when no one can hear, begging the fates to change things, that perhaps we hear our own pleas. We are present. We also realize our own outcome, that this feeling will pass and tomorrow will change everything, and in a week we won't remember feeling so morose.

At the times I've felt the most sorry for myself, pouted, and kicked like a child that I didn't want to do something, somewhere deep inside me I've heard a strangely familiar but more mature voice telling, "only people who feel helpless feel sorry for themselves. You're not helpless. You can do something. Do it! You big baby!" And then I muster up my courage and do the dreaded deed and then feel a strange click in the measurement of my maturity level.

Can I be my own cheerleader for my present self with the wisdom of a soul that's figured out that all of this here on the earthly plane is nothing more than an ongoing test of character? A test to reach the level where, being free of the chains of an aging body, I can be trusted to have freedom, having earned it?

Trusting that tomorrow is completely new, no matter how much you try to recreate today, you cannot have the same dismal day twice in a row. Something distracts you, some silly little serendipitious thing happens, and you smile. You feel a moment of hope. You start on a new course.

Perhaps if we could haunt ourselves, it would be for the soul (pun intended) purpose of distracting us enough to get through hard moments and stumble into the next good moment, because sure enough they constantly cycle.

Next time you make a decision, you might consult your future self. And, don't be surprised if you get an amazingly mature answer.


  1. Great post as always Autumnforest!! You know this post so reminds me of the home my brother and I grew up in for pretty much the first twenty years of our lives -if I had a choice to haunt anyone or myself it would be that home in Colorado! Never again would either of us spend so much time in one place -as a matter of fact I have lived in the condo I am in since July of 2004 -and this is second to amount of time spent in one place since the Colorado home! My brother moved into his house In August 2001 so I think this might be the equivalent of "putting down roots" for him too! Its amazing how mobile society is anymore compared to the old days -I love your posts so much they always make me think-both creatively and about life and the paranormal in general-best as always to you!!

  2. Thanks Devin;
    Yeah, it's weird when you think how much of your patterns and behaviors are laid down in a site you live. That's why residual can be so strong in homes owned by the same person for so long. It makes me wonder if I left any happy memories in the halls of Aspen Grove to play out to later generations? I could this moment be haunting them with sounds of me practicing singing Olivia Newton John songs (poor present-day residents!)

  3. I'm not sure about haunting the house I grew up in here in Phoenix but the house my Mother grew up in Rhode Island has lots of possibilities. My Aunt and Uncle are still living there and it is a creepy little house. I swear that my grandparents' spirits are still hanging around there. You can almost feel their presence. I think that would be interesting if we could haunt ourselves. I would scare myself into a more healthier life which I am constantly striving for. Nice post as always.

  4. Hi there: I'm a little off-topic here but I chose this comment area simply because it's the latest and I wanted you to catch this.

    A few weeks ago I made a post in someone elses blog about the dead and earth's geomagnetic field. I remember that you posted in there as well. Do you remember what blog that was?

    Just today I discovered this, (see links below) which I'm not the least bit surprised about since I suspected it. This particular researcher however is looking solely at dreams and their association with earth's geomagnetic field and has not interest in the paranormal so is not thinking in those terms.

    I thought you might find it interesting though. I was surprised to suddenly see research on the geomagnetic field in relationship to dreams because this is one area that I have daily/nightly experiences. I don't get just lucid dreams occasionally, I get them constantly and more OBEs than I can count. As well, I'm one of the unfortunate ones that get awake state visions that are not pictures but rather something that resembles super 8 film. They're like movies which I get in both black and white and color.

    Anyway, I thought you might find this interesting and also if you could refresh my memory as to what blog that was.

    The first link is the actual research abstract and the second is where I originally found the information.

    ScienceDirect - Medical Hypotheses : An association between geomagnetic activity and dream bizarreness

    Sweet dreams are made of geomagnetic activity


  5. Atrueoriginall;
    We must be psychically linked! I saw that article too and made a note to work on correlations with hauntings and geomagnetic. I always make notes on a hunt night of what solar x-rays, moon cycles, and geomagnetic activity are and I'd like to re-look at those notes. I believe I found a correlation between geomagnetic but not solar x-rays or moon cycles. I will be doing an article on that asap. I think I'd like to look up the dates of some productive ghost hunts others have done in the industry and see what geomagnetic activity were like on those nights. Intriguing. I believe humans are extremely tied to the earth's activity. I remember when I lived in Redondo Beach, I used to know when an earthquake was coming before even the dogs barked. It was a strange sensation through my feet as if they felt heavy and my head felt dizzy.

  6. Redondo huh? I lived in Huntington Beach 26 years. I miss it so much but it's too darn expensive. I moved to Corpus Christi because housing is so much less here and I wanted my off-shore breeze but that was a big mistake of mine. I hate this place with a passion. I lived in Long Beach too for quite a few years off Ocean Drive. I miss that place too.

    Anyway, back on the subject, I test with brain waves. Depending on what I'm doing I'll test Alpha, Theta, Beta, Delta. When I listen to Theta, that's when I get those all too familiar peeps that accompany words of wisdom. Theta is of course our REM sleep wave but I'm doing it while awake.

    If you want to test, I have the descriptions and links at the following address. Ignore the fractals they're useless. I just continue with my work on the Internet.

    Mysteries of the Mind - Brain Waves

    Also, we just got Brainwave Symphony. This was my daughter's idea because she learns very well under certain waves but wants to be able to walk around while she's listening. Anyway, she says they work great. I haven't tried them yet. I need a new set of headphones first. :)

    I do not 'hear' anything while listening to a harsher wave such as Beta.

    What led me to this thinking came about years ago while dwelling on the fact that there are so many musicians that are more in tune with the world and the goings on (found in their lyrics) then say scientists are. Directly after those thoughts I had (and with very noticeable synchronicity in my life at the time) I not so mysteriously tripped over a lot of information about binuaral beats and how they can be a path to opening up the mind (a third eye kind of thing). This was back in 1998. It works certainly, I can attest to that but for who it works on, I wouldn't know.

    Musicians are naturally around binuaral beats (depending on their type of music of course). So, depending on how often they practice or play, they could be doing just that. It's like natural enlightenment and I'm sure responsible for many lyrics that are chosen even. In other words, they're in touch with someone on the other side (for better words) and are being hand fed lyrics. Sort of a muse scenario.

    By the way, I have dates on many of my dreams and visions both. I'll drag out a few doozies with dates and throw them your way. I looked for older dates for K-index on the geomagnetic field but I could only find current dates.

    Lastly, and more importantly, (get ready for this)

    I have something that was given to me that is not known to science and it was given to me by 'them'. Whoever 'them' is, I couldn't tell you because I don't know. I tested the process and it works and is capable of permanently removing unwanted pictures from the mind. It would work for so many people, especially rape victims or people who witnessed a heinous crime but I don't know where to go with the information or what to do with it. I've written people in the fields that it would pertain to but they won't return emails.

    There's a lot to be said for not having a degree hanging on your wall. I'm sure you know what I mean.

    Any thoughts on that would be appreciated.

  7. Atrueoriginall;
    You came by that name (above) naturally, huh? I always find it intriguing that of all the blogs out there and all the things to look up, the right people seem to find each other. It shows how we really have something in common with everyone if we just put our stuff on a table. I agree about getting folks to listen. It's hard. If you have a technique that might be helpful, you should write about it online. If you do it on a blog, then folks reading it could try it, give feedback, and you could learn how effective it is. I learned a lot of cognitive-behavioral (rational emotive) techniques years ago that have really saved me. I had a lot of tough things happen to me growing up (don't we all?) and I had to go from taking it personally to taking it as an insight into humanity and it made me more compassionate instead of closed off, as I could have become. I would love to learn about your technique. I'm at if you want to write it personally. I'm going to check out that link you put in. I'm curious. My husband and son both play drums, so I live with two drummers. At times, they decide to play in their rooms at the same time on separate sides of the house. It used to drive me mad, but now I find it strangely soothing. The changing rhythms go right through my body and make the walls vibrate. Some songs are better than others that way too. I think there's something to music soothing the savage beast. Everyone has their own frequency. I know a note that I tend to sing when I'm alone and it soothes me when I'm upset and another note that gets me ready for my day. Some time, I'd like to get a steel drum and put it in the living room and every now and then go in and hit a few happy notes to get me going.